Aha! I am new to this and having just posted the following post elsewhere I have now found this group! So I will copy my request below! :-)

Hello all,

I have been reading through existing forum discussions but not yet quite found what I am looking for. Maybe you can help. I am looking for examples of good practice using Web 2.0 tools in adult education. Tools I am particularly interested in are: blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, image and video sharing, google pages/docs/groups, skype, podcasts...
I am looking for very brief case studies/examples/ideas of how web 2.0 tools can be used to enhance teaching and learning in adult education.

I work on developing materials for a free staff development training programme in the UK. We work with practitioners from all different curriculum areas, who work with adults in different settings (including local authority education, work-based learning, offender learning and skills, voluntary and community sector). Some work in high tech training rooms, others work in church halls or community centres. It is a real mix of people in different situations.

The point is to create a document listing lots of different ideas and examples in order to illustrate how versatile these tools can be, and to inspire practitioners to find out more and give them a go in their own practice.

If you can offer any suggestions or point me in the right direction I would be very grateful!


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Hi Sarah, I'm using Ning with my trade skills students who are generally aged 15-25 yrs. Their network is at http://stomas.ning.com/ - you are welcome to browse the site and even join as a member in the discussion forum. I'd appreciate comment from you and others about what you see. Kind regards, Simon Brown.
Thanks for your Ning link Simon. With your permission, I plan to use your page as an example of a vocational education teacher who uses Ning with students. Most of my current examples are either ESL or Academic contexts.
Hi Sarah,

I haven't been here for a while, so sorry for the late reply. But check out Web Two Point Oh in Adult Ed. We have a good collection of examples of all kinds of read/write web tools and how they are being used by adult educators, mostly here in California.
The national adult education conference in the US, COABE, is next week, and there is a wiki that is hoping to collect handouts and discussion about the technology sessions. This might at least give you some ideas of people to contact. The wiki is on the Adult Literacy Education wiki.
Hi Sarah,
I am slowly piecing together a page on my blog where I describe and showcase to web 2.0 tools. I am always experimenting and learning from other educators. My blog is called Paramedic Tutor and although it's aimed at paramedic educators and students, you might find something useful on there - look under the eEducator tab. If you find something interesting that doesn't answer the questions you might have, please feel free to drop me a note and I will make inprovements.




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