Hello members. My name is Shari and I am looking for ways that you are using Digital Video Cameras in your classrooms. I am the education and government marketing manager at Sony Electronics and I would like to gain a better understanding how K-12 teachers are using this technology in the classroom. I already have come acorss a "ton" of lesson ideas etc - but would like to see first hand what you and your students have done.

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Hi Shari,
I'm a classroom teacher & have been integrating video / digital media into the curriculum at 5th grade thru high school since 1981.
Over the years, the students & I have produced a variety of shows for the internet(webcasts), local cable tv, the school, and the community.
Here is a link to some of the shorter pieces of work we've done:

Paul Hardt
ALSO... by the way, we've been using Sony video cams for years. I'm currently using DCR VX2 100. Sonys are ALWAYS, what I consider, a rugged, beefy camera that never lets you down.
I have been integrating video projects in my classes (mostly history, journalism, and language arts) for about 10 years. You can see some samples of my students' work here http://teachwithvideo.com/samples.html. My students also do a video podcast that can be seen at http://www.cdsnews.net. We also do an 8th grade feel-good video for graduation every year and video journalism school news shows every quarter. I can't make these public, but if you send me your email address I can give you access to them. My students also did a promotional video for the school that can be seen here http://www.stevenkatz.com/steverules/promo.mov Let me know if I can be of more help.
I taught a summer technology camp at a local intermediate school district with the idea that kids would be "Science Myth Busters". The videos can be seen at: www.misd.net/camp08 if you scroll down to the "Making Movies" section.The kids did these in a week (about 10 hours total) of camp, integrating the Small Wonder video cameras with Windows Movie Maker. I then wrote a grant for my classroom and I'm using them to produce science myth buster movies on science myths and facts. I'll be presenting at this years MACUL conference in Michigan. My students are doing the video work now...I'll post again when we have them done!
I have actually launched a Video Vocabulary building website pretty recently. The website has a collection of short, simple and fun video clips with pictures, illustrations or animations and an audio narration to correctly pronounce, define, and provide examples of words in context. The website is a great learning and teaching tool equally benefitting both students and teachers.

I want to start online video conference to teach the classes for giving better education in poor schools and quality education in remote area schools with affordable cost but generally students will like reality picture i mean when we will teach on black/white board (not e-board or e-writing pad) with chalk piece so the problem is not visual full complete picture of black board including my picture through web camera so for which what i have do so please let me know? how to proceed? either which video camera will suport for lnline education or some other else if you know pl suggestion me and also better software for online video conference available with low cost
I'll be using video this school year. I will share the projects with you when they are finished. I'm very good at imovie. I once created a movie for an elementary school who won first place in a contest for the Detroit Red Wings.



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