Congratulations, if you've joined now you've officially beaten the rush.

Today is the first day for the Video in the Classroom group. While there may not be a lot of teachers integrating video production in the elementary classroom, if all of us can join together, we can make a powerful group.

The Ning site is terrific for sharing ideas/questions and projects in a simple format. I also like that you can set notifications to receive e-mails when things are posted or follow posts via RSS. It's also very easy to share projects on this site or links you've found.

Please introduce yourself to the group.

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Hi everyone! I teach Chinese in a small country town in rural Victoria Australia. Using more video in my classroom is something I'd really like to try to do so hopefully being part of this group will get me moving on it a bit more! I teach all year levels from Prep (K) to 11 so wide range of kids. I have each year level for 2 classes a week (4 for Yr 11) so sometimes find it a bit of a squish with time to do video production, but I won't use that as an excuse anymore. Gotta give these things a go!
Hi, this is my first year using video in my classroom. I teach Spanish and I am using it as a way to incorporate use of grammar and vocabulary. It is a lot of fun and a lot of work. For our first video we ended up doing animation because we only had 1 video camera and I felt more confident managing the students with digital cameras. If you have time, look at what they did!
Hi Leigh,
I had a quick look at the video assignments your students did and I think they are great! You've given me some great ideas. I love the way they've drawn their characters. Hopefully I will have a showcase like you've got there in the not to distant future!
Thanks for the inspiration.
Hi all,

I'm a biotechnology teacher interested in GlobalEd, Web 2.0 & student produced videos. I have a $99 video camcorder in my classroom and am excited about using it in the future.

I hold the vision that my AIG students will compete in a "Be the Change-Share the Story" video contest next year on QuantumShift TV. This year, I've introduced the idea of creating of video, but we don't know what we are doing. We've been busy starting a local campaign to save the rainforest. Next year I hope my students will create a video to document our campaign.


Gregory Louie
Efland, NC
Hi , I am excited about sharing and seeing what other educators are doing in the classrooms. I am an Educational Technology Facilitator at two elementary schools. I just finished a project with 5th grade students using Studio 10. The students researched a colonial artisan and wrote a script. I then videotaped them using a green screen so we could chromakey just their head. Then I imported the video and a picture of the artisan that they had colored into Studio 10 so that their heads were speaking on the colonial figure's body. I also downloaded a short into from United Streaming and had a student introduce the video by chromkeying a video of him into the colonial movie. The kids were very motivated and excited.
Hi I'm Gavin, I'm a media literacy enthusiast, presently ICT PD facilitator at Onlsow College in Wellington New Zealand, home of Flight of the Conchords I am an advocate of students creating their own media, both as a way to synthesise and build knowledge to share with others in the community, but also as a way to document and reflect on learning. I love tohear from fellow media literacy enthusiasts, kindred spirits and make new friends.
Good Afternoon Mathew,

Hello, I would like to join, I am in Pelican Alaska and will be working with K - 5 in a multi-age classroom setting. I also serve as the Superintendent in our small remote community. I am reviewing materials to set up a class wiki. I love video, student love seeing themselves on film. Thank you for the invitation to join.

Connie* A. Newman



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