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We are always reading and trying to garner more and more information, but of what use is this knowledge if you can’t hold on to it and later showcase it to the world?



Bibkosh allows you to capture and store knowledge in your Personal Knowledge Vault on the World Wide Web, share it with your friends and peer and showcase what you know to the world through a unique Knowledge Profile. You can send documents, presentations, web pages, podcasts, audio/video files and even emails to your bibkosh account.

Bibkosh is particularly useful in the academic world. Students and professors can interact with each other using bibkosh. Professors and students can read articles, upload assignments or upload their research work on bibkosh and share it within their knowledge community.


Bibkoshing is easy :

1. Capture and store knowledge in your bibkosh vault by :

i. Downloading the Bibkosh toolbar for your browser from our website to send important URLs to your bibkosh account.





ii. Uploading documents, presentations or audio/video files and type notes from inside your bibkosh account.




iii. Forwarding important emails to from your registered email id to archive them safely in your bibkosh vault.


2. Organize your vault by creating Themes i.e sets of related documents or opt for our system of automatic classification.

3. Share your Knowledge with your colleagues and students and collaborate over common projects using bibkosh groups.

4. Publish your knowledge to showcase what you know on your Knowledge Profile. For more information about the Knowledge Profile, you can visit our mascot Bibi’s profile

We invite you to try bibkosh for your work by clicking here.

Looking forward to seeing you on bibkosh,

Geetanjali Shrivastava

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