2012 Social Learning Summit Recordings

If you try the recording "LINK" and it doesn't work, it could be that the recording wasn't made. If multiple recordings were made by accident in the same session room, you can click on the "TABLE" link to see them all.

Abbe Waldron Hosting a Skype Author Visit LINK TABLE
Alisa Wright Studucate LINK TABLE
Ann Gaudino Utilizing Social Media to Teach an Online Course LINK TABLE
Ari Bader-Natal Leveraging web videos to truly flip the classroom LINK TABLE
Brad Wilson The New Newsletter LINK TABLE
Carla Arena Enhancing Teacher Learning Skills Through Free and Open Online Training Sessions LINK TABLE
Chad Lehman Anywhere, Anytime Learning LINK TABLE
Chryssanthe Sotiriou skype-is-the-limit-edmodo-says-no LINK TABLE
Dean Shareski The importance and seriousness of silly LINK TABLE
Elaine Plybon Transforming Lessons with Technology LINK TABLE
Elaine Plybon Leveraging the Power of Social Media in the Classroom LINK TABLE
Gail Casey Creative Learning Environments Promote Creative Thinking LINK TABLE
Gigi Johnson Hunting & Gathering: Helping Creative Students Build Their Social Media Presence Wisely LINK TABLE
Hall Davidson The First Truly Collaborative, Impromptu, Online Social Keynote in the History of The World LINK TABLE
Jackie Gerstein The Equity Game: An Example of Experiental and Mobile Learning LINK TABLE
Jason Graham What's Your Story? Creating and Connecting with Digital Stories in the Early Years LINK TABLE
Jennifer Garcia WoW - We're Reading, Reflecting and Working as a Team! LINK TABLE
Jennifer Judkins Giving Students a Creative Voice Through Digital Storytelling LINK TABLE
Jenny Lussier Research, Technology & the Common Core - Grades K-4 LINK TABLE
Jon Orech The Digital Citizenship Project LINK TABLE
Josh Allen Creating a 24/7 Professional Development Model LINK TABLE
Kass Bates Digital Media Festivals for Elementary Students LINK TABLE
Kate Gatto Social Networking for Social Good with TakingITGlobal for Educators LINK TABLE
Kati Searcy Digital Authentic Assessment LINK TABLE
Katie Leach It's not just "Icing on the Cake" in Student Competitions LINK TABLE
Kim Jurczak Building Real-World Skills - Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond LINK TABLE
Kristen Swanson Making Online Learning Environments "Brain Friendly" LINK TABLE
Kristina Holzweiss Join the Common Core Conversation LINK TABLE
Lance Rougeux Becoming Social(er): Why Does Community Matter? LINK TABLE
Leigh A. Hall Social Networking for Teacher Education LINK TABLE
Lesley Farmerr Directing the Moral Compass: Teaching Digital Citizenship for Social Justice LINK TABLE
Letia Cooper If It's Not Free, It's Not For Me! LINK TABLE
Letia Cooper 100+ STEM Websites & Webtools For Teachers LINK TABLE
Linda Rush Text to Speech on the iPad LINK TABLE
Lisa Martin O-MUN: How Wikis, Blogs, Facebook, Virtual Classrooms = The First Online Model UN Program LINK TABLE
Lisa Parisi UDL In the Classroom: Reaching All Students with Technology LINK TABLE
Lisa Ripley Role Playing - A Web 2.0 Twist on an Old Practice LINK TABLE
Luann Edwards Creating a Library Website to Support Information Literacy Needs LINK TABLE
Maja Dakic-Brkovic Podcast in Piano Lessons LINK TABLE
Mamzelle Adolphine Moving Students Up The Technology Ladder LINK TABLE
Mardelle Sauerborn SkypePlay LINK TABLE
Mark Hines Analyzing the Conversation in Informal Online Communities LINK TABLE
Martha Lackey 2nd Grade Bilingual Students Create Innovative Lessons for Author Bryan Chick LINK TABLE
Matt Monjan Ten Media Tips-n-Tricks You Can Use in Your Classroom Tomorrow - And One to Inspire You LINK TABLE
Melda Yildiz Teaching Beyond Borders: Multilingual Multicultural Multimedia in Teacher Education LINK TABLE
Melda Yildiz Teaching Beyond Borders: Multilingual Multicultural Multimedia in Teacher Education LINK TABLE
Melissa A. Venable Social Media for Learning: The Twitter Alternative to Online Discussion Forums LINK TABLE
Melissa Green Creating Student ePortfolios LINK TABLE
Michele Eaton My Big Campus: Teaching 21st Century Skills in a Digital Learning Environment LINK TABLE
Mr Goran Brkovic Using YouTube for teaching piano accompaniment LINK TABLE
Nicole Naditz Just-in-time support using free online tools LINK TABLE
Paula L. Naugle Get Your Students Connected Globally Through Blogging LINK TABLE
Peg Hartwig Closing the STE...M Gap: Mathematics Integration through 21st C publishing LINK TABLE
Rachelle Wooten 10 Reasons You Should be Podcasting LINK TABLE
Revathi Viswanathan Social Networking to Promote Language Learning LINK TABLE
Richard C. Close The Birth of Social Flash Learning in the Global Collaborative and The Global Learning Framework LINK TABLE
Rita A. Mortenson Cool Educational Uses for QR Codes LINK TABLE
Robert Maxwell Blended Undergraduate Biology: A Connectivist Approach LINK TABLE
Robert Sbaglia Connecting students across and beyond schools LINK TABLE
Roxanne Clement Student Learning 24/7! LINK TABLE
Sandra Bassendowski I have an avatar- How can she help me with my teaching? LINK TABLE
Sean Thompson Social Learning in the 21st Century Begins with Basic Understanding of Digital Citizenship LINK TABLE
Shannon Parker Research Remix LINK TABLE
Shelly D Gooden Social Learning and Creating Social Change LINK TABLE
Sonia Sison Web2.0fying Classrooms LINK TABLE
Sonja Sharp At the sharp end of the pencil - Driving Technology Adoption LINK TABLE
Teresa Mackinnon Breaking out of the walled garden LINK TABLE
Thomas McLaughlin Mini video lessons lead to an effective differentiation model LINK TABLE
Torrey Trust Modeling Lifelong Learning Through Technology LINK TABLE
Troy Tenhet Using ePals and Skype To Reach the World LINK TABLE
Valerie R. Burton Creating ePortfolios using Weebly LINK TABLE
Verena Roberts The Future Classroom Blending Online and F2f Learning LINK TABLE
Vicki Phillips Using VoiceThreads to Teach College Literature Courses LINK TABLE


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