Secrets of the Freemasons found in the Temple of Solomon.

Secrets of the Freemasons found in the Temple of Solomon.

Secrets of the Freemasons found in the Temple of Solomon.

square the circle

The H3onE3 book is done and posted here and on my blog here

So, 1 & 1 & 1 = 3.14

Solomon's temple, second book of Chronicles is a Pi “3.14” squaring machine. This is the meaning of the Freemason symbol and turns out to be an ancient Tesla Coil. Most impotently the Tesla coil is a machine designed to catch earth lightning. Talk about free energy.
In Solomon’s Temple there are three references to Pi = 3.14 times 100. Archimedes got around the fractions by just working with a Pi number times 100. The first reference is in the great circle of the 20 diameter circle. Second Pi reference is in the volume of the 10 diameter circle and lastly in the square of the circle.

This square of a circle can be found by making a right triangle can be used to find the longest length, the hypotenuse when implementing the Pythagorean theorem (a ² + b² = c²). Utilizing the Pythagorean Theorem of (a ² + b² = c²) will produce (5.83333 ² + 35² = c²), so (c) equals 35.48278088. Dividing this number by two equals, 17.74139044 which is the length and width of the square intended to equal the great circle and is the final Pi location for magic Pi. Multiplying the square means (17.74139044 times 17.74139044), which will produce an area of 314.7569347.

The number 13.33 is the base of the secret pyramid which immerges out of the Holy of Holies box. 13 = the number of arrows and leaves held by the eagle on the one dollar bill. 33 = 33 degrees of freemasonry. And, 13.33 / 2 = 6.665 the number John gave the beast in Revelations. Lastly the Roman numeral number at the base of the pyramid is MDCCLXXVI which stand for 1776. This number is a wrong length of the hypotenuse and it should have been 17.74.

This book is just wild. Not sure how long it will last posted online, I got my haters.

Sun the 16th 4pm SLT Second life bookstore will have and H3one3 event in voice.

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Secrets of the Freemasons can be found in the Temp

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