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What makes a teacher?

Here is a presentation in a series I produced. (get all of them, all inspirational, on EFL Classroom 2.0) about what is the defining character of a teacher. I'll let you watch and not let the cat out of the bag. Let me know if you agree....…


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NECC 2009

Some photos from NECC 2009 in DC

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Creative Nonfiction Writing - HELP!

I'm starting a brand new course in Creative Nonfiction Writing in September for 10-12th graders. Does anyone have any advice on how to structure the course or reading suggestions? I know I want it to be a very collaborative and community based class, but I need help with what types of writing to cover and various genres (memoir, travel writing, biography/autobiography, etc.). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Free Collaborative Platforms for Teachers: Part 2 - Office Live Workspace

Reposted from Meg's Notebook

I've tried out Microsoft's Office Live Workspace, a component of the Office Live platform which includes the ability to create a professional web presence, have an online storage and sharing space, and real-time online collaboration. Office Live Workspace is Microsoft's response to… Continue

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Free Collaborative Platforms for Teachers: Part 1 - Google Apps

Reposted from Meg's Notebook.

Google Apps Education Edition is a free suite of hosted communication & collaboration applications specifically geared at schools (universities and K-12).

If a school board does not want to, or is unwilling to, invest in Google apps for education, a teacher can… Continue

Added by Meg H on July 2, 2009 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

Smart Notebook for all IWB Users?

I wrote back in the Spring about how Promethean were changing the nature of the IWB market with a change in the way their ActivInspire software was licenced so that you could use a cut-down version on other brands of Interactive Whiteboard.

Well it looks as though Smart are now following along similar lines with the release of Smart Notebook Express.

Smart Notebook Express will be released in the Autumn and will allow anyone to access Smart Notebook resources “regardless… Continue

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InFocus Liteboard – an IWB replacement?

I’ve seen a few IWB-replacement gadgets over the years, but these normally rely on setting up some kind of alternative gadget to pick up pen movement – such as the ebeam, or a camera placed somewhere in the room. All of these needed calibration and extra devices, and are just plain cumbersome. Good for a mobile system, but not really an IWB replacement for a classroom.

But this video shows something very interesting indeed using a new InFocus projector, and nothing… Continue

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Should We Teach Standards or Children?

This may well be professional suicide. But, it’s time to come out of the closet. I say I teach the standards, but I really teach children.

As an educational publisher and author, I sell books that address state and national standards in English-language Arts and reading. The standards-based movement has clearly taken over the publishing and educational establishment. For example, in California, a district cannot purchase programs with state-allocated district monies… Continue

Added by Mark Pennington on July 2, 2009 at 10:53am — 4 Comments

Using blogs, twitter, wikis in the classroom

I am just started to look into this and am trying to get started planning for next year....but I need your help! Does anyone have any ideas about using these in the classroom? I am a secondary math teacher and what to integrate some of them into my classroom. Also, any ideas on how to keep it safe, introduce it to parents to get their support, how not to just use it but use it effectively, etc.

Added by Misty Bradley on July 2, 2009 at 8:55am — 1 Comment

Self-doubt" :A Reflective Classroom Teacher # 1

Too many first year teachers and far too many pre-certified teachers, struggle with self-doubt about the adequacy of their preparation. This self-doubt causes them to question not only their abilities to teach, but also their motivation for teaching and their philosophy of education itself. So often they have had to compare their skills against those of a master teacher while preparing themselves to take to the field.

Not only is this not a realistic comparison for them to make but can, if… Continue

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Three great YouTube videos about Educational uses of Second Life

This week I am on vacation with my family, and unfortunately the Internet connection at the Historic Powhatan Resort here in Williamsburg, VA hasn’t been working consistently since I arrived on Saturday. It looks like I’m going to have to postpone the final post in my series on using Virtual Worlds in Education until next weekend. In the meanwhile, here’s a few insightful and informative YouTube videos about using SL for educational… Continue

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Journal entry 8: 21st Century Skills ...

Journal entry 8: 21st Century Skills and how Superintendents and CEO's differ


Khadaroo, S.T. Schools tap '21st-century skills'. (2009, Jan. 9). Christian Science Monitor.

This article is from the Christian Science Monitor on-line. There is much use of the words and phrase "21st Century Skills" in education today. This article gives a pretty good working… Continue

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An Old-School Way of Thinking About Twitter

I recently read an article on the Langwitches blog comparing Twitter to a large dinner party. I think this analogy is perfect. Just like at a huge dinner party, with so many people talking at the same time, about so many different things, you can't possibly keep up with every conversation at once. In fact, you'd seem like a… Continue

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Surviving Google Reader with the 80/20 Rule

Some pretty heated discussion going on right now at NECC about Twitter (and also Google Reader, to some extent). I'll talk about my strategy for surviving Twitter later, but right now, I feel like talking about Google Reader (or any feed reading application for that matter) and how I manage to not feel overwhelmed.

I use the 80/20 rule. In the case of Google Reader, that means 80% of the value I get from reading feeds comes from only 20% of them. If you really think about it, I'm… Continue

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A Reflective Teacher

My Friends:

As a way of introducing myself to the group, I offer the following work which more of less explains my philosophy of teaching and life.

Life Is Good

Be honest with yourself,

in your thoughts,

in your deeds.

There is no grace in self-deception

Have the courage of self-reflection.

Close examination of your day,

And your behavior,

Refreshes the soul and bathes the spirit.

We have today, this minute in… Continue

Added by Ronald Bovill on July 1, 2009 at 6:30am — 1 Comment

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