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SPA 302-001 Cuarta Entrada: Empresarios latinos utilizan la tecnología a su favor

Empresarios latinos utilizan la tecnología a su favor



En un vídeo de Univisión Washington D.C., se habla de cómo los empresarios latinos, dueños de negocios pequeños están utilizando la tecnología para competir en esta era digital. Dan de ejemplo a dos empresarias latinas. La…


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SPA 302 Entrada 4


Leí el artículo “Pre-filtra a tus clientes para vender más” y está hablando de las personas latinos que tienen sus propios negocios. También esta hablando de como se utiliza estrategias más calculados para obtener las personas que van a comprar sus servicios o productos. Las estrategias que puede…


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To me, Glosgster was kind of frustrating to work with, mainly because I had several technology errors. I like the concept of Glogster, and I love my finished product, but it took a long time to get there. The chraracter poster, however, contained very limited information. I would say that I enjoyed the Glogster post more, though. I feel like the character poster is not extremely sufficient without being printed out, yet Glogster is best used online. These are my thoughts.

Added by Rebekah Greenwood on October 1, 2013 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Character Poster vs Glogster

I think the character poster was much easier. I am more familiar with excel, so it was less frustrating to start with. I also had the option in excel to change the colors or dimensions to personalize what I created. In glogster I was not able to do this. I could only change the color slightly, or the size rather than dimensions of the text boxes. I also did not like the options of the different text boxes and titles in glogster. Glogster may be better for someone trying to quickly create a…


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Glogs and character posters

Both the glog and the character poster, I think, can be very useful in the classroom. I personally liked the glog the best. It took me longer, but I got to be very creative. The character poster was just very difficult for me and hard to understand how to do if you do not know excel properly. Also I think that a glog can be used in almost every subject whereas the character poster is very limited.

Added by Liesl Junion on October 1, 2013 at 3:53pm — No Comments

Character Poster vs. Glogster Poster

In class we have been learning about these different tools we can use as we go on to teach after we graduate there are a lot of benefits from both using a character poster (via Excel) and using a Gloster poster (via Glogster) and learning both of these strategies. I view the Glogster poster as being challenging and frustrating because it was harder to make sure the pictures I wanted on the poster were there. I had to wait for them to download onto the website and then download onto my…


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Gloster VS Charitor post

In my class, we went over two different forms of media that could be helpful in the class room. We learned how to use Microsoft Excel to make posters and we also learned how to use gloster. 

In the Microsoft Excel character poster I learned how to use a program I was familiar with to do something that I did not know it could do. Even though I was very familiar with excel, I learned that I could make multiple pages that flow together with the zoom out feature. One frustrating part was…


Added by Mekinna Morris on October 1, 2013 at 1:46pm — No Comments

Poster Comparing

Making the Character Posters and Glogster Posters were rewarding in the sense of relief. When i was finally done, i thought it was good that i knew how to adventure through yet another website and also i maybe already had pieces i could use in the classroom. The Character Poster was more rewarding, because it was less frustrating from the beginning so i felt able to try hard and put my best foot forward. When i finished, i was proud of it. By the time i finished the Glogster Poster, though,…


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Glogster V. Excel Posters

My character poster (much like this one: link) that I made in Excel included a picture of myself, the word "blissful" and its definition. It was very plain and I would probably only use this in the classroom to present basic ideas.

My Glogster poster was much more in depth and interactive. It included many facts…


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CR20 Poster Compare

When creating a character poster and Glogster poster, I noticed some differences in resources, presentation, and appeal. Although I enjoyed designing a character poster, I realized some of the materials needed might not always be available. This type of poster requires paper and lamination materials in order to be used in the classroom. However, I felt the printed character poster has a wide range of uses such as introducing an author to the class. This poster would appeal to those that…


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