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6 Incredible Ways to Raise Confident Kids

Confidence is a critical aspect of leading a healthy, productive life. It is a key to boost your kid's confidence from childhood itself. Insult and injury are inevitable in life. However, children with high self confidence levels are more resilient and come through tougher times in life stronger than ever. The following details six simple ways that parents can build self confidence in kids.

  1. Practice what you…

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Educational Networks need to be Simple and Future Proofed for Today’s Virtual Learning Environments

Originally Published on The Modern Network

Today’s education networks, from K-12 to higher education, have a need for higher bandwidth and always-on connectivity due to the proliferation of different devices connecting to them. The evolution from a “real” blackboard to a digital blackboard –…


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Screencast-O Matic

Application Name: Screencast-O-Matic

Developer: Screencast-O-Matic

Cost: Basic Version Free, Pro $15/yr



Screencast-O-Matic is a powerful screen recording software than can be run directly off its web site or via downloaded application. You can choose how large of an area you want to record including 1080p HD quality. Once you start recording you can use the alt+p buttons to pause and resume your recording (helpful if you mess up part of your…


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Thin Line between Learning a Language and Not Learning in YouTube

Some learners have been flexible enough to depend on the internet to help them learn foreign languages. In fact, due to the endless opportunities a learner can take advantage upon learning a language, most students only prefer in internet learning rather than going to Foreign Language School for intimate learning. Who could blame them? Most students, such a reality indeed, they prefer taking the…


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Attention Educators! Need a Facebook Cover Photo?

Atomic Learning knows how passionate you are about your profession, so we made made these custom Facebook cover photos for the educators who love what they do and want to show the world.

Simply choose your favorite color I AM [an educator] photo, right click, choose save as, then upload it to your Facebook profile.…


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TIGed Professional Development this Spring!

Here at TIGed ( we are so excited to have a full plate of professional development offerings ( this Spring! With 2 new e-courses launching, there are a few really valuable options to choose from. We are currently offering 3 e-courses: "Project-based Learning for Global Citizenship"; "Education to Environmental Stewardship"; and "Educators…


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Educator Musing: We Can Have Teachers Without Borders Part 3

Location! Location! Location!
What Does Location, Location, Location Mean?
It means identical homes can increase or decrease in value due to location. It's repeated three times for emphasis, and so you will remember the phrase. It's the number one rule in real estate, and it's often the most overlooked rule. The best locations are those in…

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My 3 Biggest Mistakes and 3 Biggest Successes as a First-Year Teacher

This week I had the privilege of visiting my first classroom. The room looked and smelled exactly the same as it did back in 1993. I, however, look completely different. I think differently too.


I was flooded with memories as I walked around. I began thinking of my mistakes and successes in…


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Why isn't learning an obligation of schools?

In Canada, education statutes talk about the right to attend schools, not the right to receive an education. What this implies is that schools do not have a legal obligation to ensure that students benefit from attending. Maybe if it were made a legal obligation that students were to learn in school, teaching as a profession would be seen as one of the high-status professions rather than one that is debatable. The nature of schooling is hands down an essential service however can you imagine… Continue

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Great Book; The Captain. The Fisherman Who Became Captain of the Worlds Largest Cruise Ship.

I just spent the past 7 days on Royal Caribbeans Allure of the Seas.The largest cruise Ship in the World. It's about 4 football fields long! Cost of this ship is 1.4 Billion dollars!

I met Captain Johnny, and just had to buy this book. I also had to read it while I was on his ship. This book tells a great story about a boy who grew up in a small fishing village in Norway. Captain Johnny talks about the importance of family, and how values like treating others as…


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Research work in Cooperative Learning context by Robert Slavin


Here's a view from the exelente work research done by Robert Slavin and  many other colleges, in the Center for Research and  Reform in Education (Stº Johns Hopkings University School of Education, USA). Several  experiments and avaliations studys about alternative programms, are made continualy - on new aproaches to teach and learn - in order to implemant in many public schools from around word. One of the main goal of this researchs, is to provide a more inclusive and equall…


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A Handsy Wrestling Match: Week 1

What a wild ride it’s been! The past week has proved both exciting and challenging. Becoming an online teacher is not for the faint of heart. Not if you are becoming an online teacher in a company as fast-growing as Aventa Learning.

After spending a couple weeks eating up my Mentor's online courses, I tip-tapped my fingers, charged and waiting at the gate, for my first course to open up. The training program was so complete and the time I was given to review another teacher’s…


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The Mentor & Mentee Experience

After being transferred from a Part-Time to a Full-Time Teacher position at Aventa Learning, I was wisked off to meet my mentor. I had been itching to meet this person since the day I had finished my Teacher Training Course, which I had completed 10 days ahead of schedule, resulting in lots of nothing-to-do-but-self-teach time. I spent my "down-time" well, making Avatars and practicing using Sparkling Text for my online classroom Announcements Page, but I didn't want to just focus on the…


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Interview > Hired > Promoted!

My Aventa Learning Interview for a part-time teaching position took place on November 29th, 2010. The interview consisted of a conference call from two Human Resource representatives, one of whom would become my English Department Instructional Supervisor (who knew?). Both friendly, they eased me into a questioning regarding my pedagogical knowledge and I answered the best I could with full confidence in what I had to say. My IS threw me for a loop with one question, "How will you physically…


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1 to 1 Laptop Schools, Teacher Appraisal and 21st Century Learning.

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After reading many articles and blogs asking the question "where do we go now" in reference to 1:1 Laptop Initiatives and the use of digital resources in the classroom. I have put together some current published research to consider  in the cycle of teacher appraisal in 1:1 Laptop Schools.  I would welcome comments to improve/adapt/expand any of the information given in this…


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From Screening To Interview

I wasn't expecting my "interview" to actually be a screening call, but that is exactly what happened. A human resource specialist called me at a predesignated hour and day and made it clear this contact was a screening call she would hand over to supervisors at Aventa Learning, to which end, I MAY receive a callbackand. She went on to ask me a set of pointed questions: What did I think was the biggest barrier to an online student's learning? Why did I want to become an online educator? And…


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Landing An Interview With KC Distance Learning

I've been trying to land a job with KC Distance Learning for over a year. My interest in online education began three years ago, when I chose to homeschool my oldest child who had recently been given an IEP and was still not doing so hot in the classroom. Since I was a teacher and had just recently left my position due to a relocation, I was jobless and needing a focus. I decided to take on the education of my own child and after careful research into the world of homeschool curriculum I…


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Student voice: do we *really* care about student voice? Live Webchat today

In a few hours I'll be facilitating a live web chat on an area that, after three weeks seeing some fascinating practice in New Zealand and Australia, is closer to my heart than ever. I've written a longer blog post on how I think we could listen… Continue

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i finally go the hang of it! This is the new version :)

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Remembrance Day "Two Wolves"

Last year I wrote a post for Remembrance Day and shared it on my blog.

I thought I'd share it here too.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two Wolves

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life.

“A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.

One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow,… Continue

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