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Research 2.0 = Searching + Evaluating + Annotating + Sharing + Collaborating

Each year I become more and more excited about teaching students to research. Here is my evolution in teaching research skills:

1993-2001: Teach students to read nonfiction and take notes so that they can report learning without plagiarizing. Yawn.

2001-2006: Teach students to read nonfiction online and in print. Scour the internet to identify the best websites for kids to use. Develop webquests.…


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How to Prepare for the GMAT


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Veritas Prep’s Industry-Leading GMAT Preparation Books Now Available for Retail Purchase

Prospective MBA applicants preparing to take the GMAT have a powerful new study aid to prepare for and conquer the notoriously competitive business school entrance exam. Veritas Prep, the largest privately-owned GMAT prep company in the world, today announced the retail availability of its industry-leading GMAT prep books. Previously available only with… Continue

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Getting Students to Read

First, do not force students to read Everyone knows that kids will not do/like what is forced upon them. In addition, do not over whelm students with a list of books to read. Even students who like to read would become frustrated with all that reading and stop. In addition, having student read something above or below their reading level can be frustrating and or boring.

Allowing student time for independent reading every Friday - reading things related to your content area, such as… Continue

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Teaching Students How To Read a Textbook

We need to teach students how to read a textbook - since most only know how to read a novel. There are numerous ways to review the chapter/section prior to students actually reading the text.

Introduce the topic and look for background knowledge and misconceptions. .

One option is to use a strategy known as PLAN (Predict-Locate-Add-Note). First, students scan the chapter’s title, subtitles, key words, graphs/tables, etc. Next, students create a concept map and make note on which… Continue

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The Problem of Increasing Illiteracy Rates in the U.S.

I have recently completed a research paper that included the problem of illiteracy rates in the country.

As most know, across the country, literacy rates have dropped, as fewer and fewer people never learn to read or only have a basic reading level. According to an article in the USA Today (2009), U.S. Education Department has released a study, which found that 32 million adult Americans are unable to read basic text. We all know that literacy rates in the US have been dropping over… Continue

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Content Based Learning: Improve Reading Using Newspapers

Content Based Learning Extends the Student to his Own Level

Content Based Learning has as its focus, Content, and provides the student a rich base of content for learning.

A base content is provided by the teacher, with the option for the student to extend beyond what the teacher and lesson provides. This allows the student who is capable and motivated, to work at his own level, and extend his learning to the level of his own capability.

Using a… Continue

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