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How hard is it to teach abroad?

Hi there I am a student at Johnson University, in the teacher education program. My focus is elementary (K-6) and ESL (English as a second language for k-12) I love to travel abroad and see new places. I would love to be able to teach abroad once I am done with school. I don't have a specific country that i want to teach in, but in general how hard is it to teach in other countries? Is there a lot of paperwork and hoops to jump through? or is it pretty much a smooth process? If anyone has any… Continue

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Teaching in the Digital Age

Teaching in the Digital Age is exciting.  Finding new ways to teach, connect, and help students grow is a challenge we, as educators, are starting to realize.  Collaborating and networking are becoming essential skills for educators.

In the article, “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” by Marc Prensky, I learned that I am a digital immigrant.  I did not grow up immersed in technology.  I do think, as an immigrant, I have been adapting pretty well.  Immigrants are pretty accepting of…


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Great Book; The Captain. The Fisherman Who Became Captain of the Worlds Largest Cruise Ship.

I just spent the past 7 days on Royal Caribbeans Allure of the Seas.The largest cruise Ship in the World. It's about 4 football fields long! Cost of this ship is 1.4 Billion dollars!

I met Captain Johnny, and just had to buy this book. I also had to read it while I was on his ship. This book tells a great story about a boy who grew up in a small fishing village in Norway. Captain Johnny talks about the importance of family, and how values like treating others as…


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TEACHING TECHNIQUE -WHO DO YOU WORK FOR? I did a workshop for teachers recently. I asked a question of the teachers. The question was “who do you work for?” Some teachers replied by naming the princ…


I did a workshop for teachers recently. I asked a question of the teachers. The question was “who do you work for?”

Some teachers replied by naming the principal of the school. Other teachers replied by shouting out the name of the school. Still other teaches replied by saying “the board of education”.

I asked that the teachers think for a minute. I asked that they think how they happen to be in the field of education. I asked was it… Continue

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What Makes a Good Teacher?

I just finished reading "Building a Better Teacher" and I have to say, I feel worried.

I’m worried that people in the business of teaching teachers claim that successful teaching depends partially on an innate ability. The un-teachable teacher…is that not the ultimate oxymoron?

I’ll agree that some people seem to possess natural talent for teaching, but I think that’s true of most professions. What…


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Hurry Up and Wait!!

Waiting is a horrible trick that the invinter of time does to us all. It is Thursday morning and tomorrow is my last day as a Special Education Paraeducator. On Monday I start my student teaching internship, and in June I will be graduated with my MA ED in Special Education. It has been a long four years, but it has gone by quickly; from finishing my undergrad degree at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA to… Continue

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What are the Major Differences Between the Teacher-Directed and Student-Engaged Models of Teaching?

When mentoring our pre-service and in-service teachers we need to describe and model both research-based and clinical best practices. Accordingly, our mentees should know some of the major differences between student-engaged and teacher-directed models of teaching.

Some Major Differences Between the Student-Engaged and the Teacher-Directed Models of Teaching

The Student-Engaged Model of Teaching

Teacher structures many opportunities for students to… Continue

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What is Interpretation?

I just got back from a trip to Yellowstone National Park and it took me back to the days I worked at Colorado State Parks. I presented campfire talks, guided nature walks, designed visitor center displays, and developed environmental educational curriculum and programs for various school districts. You will find this type of instruction, which is referred to as interpretation, at parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, and historical sites. I know the word interpretation has different meanings but the… Continue

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Back to Teaching

My bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees are all in education, and I have explored all other fields especially when I shifted to computers and information technology from mathematics, English and the humanities. ICT encompasses all other fields, and to be hooked on it means spending lots of time to refresh my knowledge and skills and ride each new wave coming.

As a teacher, I have taught at different curriculum levels and have trained many teachers in the pedagogical aspects… Continue

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21st Century Teaching & Learning

The following commentary discusses my viewpoint on 21st Century Teaching and Learning, based on responses to a PLN survey conducted by Lucy Gray, Technology Integration Specialist at the University of Chicago, on August 8, 2009.

What is your personal definition of 21st century learning and/or teaching?

21st Century learning is the process whereby digital natives utilize the power of modern technology to learn anything, anytime, anywhere. Classrooms are no longer… Continue

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MY Teaching Philosophy!!!

Teaching Philosophy

My decision to become a science teacher did not occur without deliberate soul-searching. After four years in the media literacy and technology reform, my heart led me to live with my dream of becoming an eight (8th) through ninth (9th) grade science. Essentially, I feel there is nothing in this world more imperative than helping students to explore and advance themselves in science. However, the effort and the supports to battle interruption, building… Continue

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New Friends!

So now I've got a lot more friends... What, you didn't think I had any? HAHA!! :) Okay so now we can talk about this "blogosphere". What do you think? I've found many different groups on this site, from Earth day to Greek interests. All kinds of subject matter. If you get a chance check out the groups page on your own site and see what you can see. While your at it, take a look at the link for my blog, Science Island. I am very interested in getting as many science teachers involved in… Continue

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