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Games can make learning math an enjoyable activity rather than an educational one. It will help your child to learn basic counting skills.

Teaching math to your child can be easy if you add some fun to it. Instead of sticking with paper and pencil, try to include math in your child’s daily activities to make it a great learning experience. There are many interesting ways to make your child engaged and excited about learning the numbers.

Here are 5 fun…


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6 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Success In Preschool

Sending your child to preschool can be just as daunting for you as a parent as it is for your little one. The best thing you can do to make sure it’s a successful start for both of you is to prepare them in advance.

child success in preschool

Try these six tips to ensure both of you get the most out of what should be a fun and educational experience:

  • Firstly, don’t panic – even if you’re only reading this with a week or two to go,that is still…

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5 Tips to Help Your Child Get Through the First School Interview

School interviews start early with kids as young as three or four to gain acceptance for preschool or pre-kindergarten. Regardless of the nature and degree of the interview, it’s important for you to prepare your child fully so that he or she knows what to expect and has the best chances possible for success. As you prep for the interview, keep the following tips in mind.…

First School interview - child care


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Preschool Children: Know Their Needs and Characteristics

Preschoolers are curious about everything that they see and hear. This is a great time for caregivers, both parents and teachers, to mold the children’s minds and encourage them to use their creativity and imagination. This is also an important time for adults to teach social skills to help them adapt to a new environment filled with other kids. The world is widening for preschool kids and it is important for parents and teachers…


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10 Important Lessons: From Mom to Child

Our children are the future of our world, and to ensure that it is the brightest and most opportune world possible, we need to teach our children many things, not only to prepare them but to arm them and enable them. Here are ten self-explanatory important things a mother should teach her young child:


1. Respect is not only…


Added by Lynda Way on September 17, 2013 at 11:15pm — 1 Comment Lunches Why Do I Need to Sleep? Book for Children and Kids.

Parents are often concerned about the amount of sleep their child or kid is getting. Many parents worry that their child not getting enough sleep, rarely parents worry that their child is sleeping too much. As a parent you already know if your child is getting enough sleep by his/her behavior.

Every Body knows sleep is playing an important factor in all our lives. When we sleep, we rest and our body is able to renew its energy. Sleep is also important because of dreams. When we… Continue

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Challenge Software Program "Helping Children Help Themselves"

The Logic behind this program comes from research on Personality Development and Cognitive-Behvioral Psychology. We understand that we cannot control the Events that take place around us, but we have a great deal of control over the interpretations of those events, which ultimately dictates how we feel.

This is where we need to focus our energy. Through my work with children and adults over the past several years, the majority of individuals who were really struggling spent a great… Continue

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Download all 18 Santa Stories for $1.14

Santa has made this affordable download to offer the Child in all of us a brand new way to enjoy Christmas for 2008.

Santa Clause, also known to many as Father Christmas or sometimes St. Nick (an abbreviated form of his real name Nicolas), is a well-known figure associated with Christmas and loved by many across the world. It was this popularity, especially with children, which prompted him to write a book for the enjoyment of… Continue

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9.11 Santa Makes a Choice

The seasons change, with only 104 days till the greatest celebration of giving on the Earth arrives, I find myself in constant wonder. I have taken it upon myself as Santa Claus to bring as much joy and peace to the hearts of the Child in all of us.

These are the most uncertain of times. The clay of the Earth’s future is up for the taking. Life, as most of us know it, has never been so fragile. Seven years ago to the day the… Continue

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