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10 reasons to get educators blogging...

5 reasons educators should start reading blogs:

1) - Blogs are the heart of learning and sharing...

If you are an idea and inspiration junkie like myself, then you will find blogs to be extremely beneficial. Educators of all ages and backgrounds are bringing their ideas, reflections and experiences to one convenient location; their blog.… Continue

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The power of a comment...

I recently did a blog post titled, How do you Define Learning? This post centers around the struggles I am having this year as I move away from the traditional style of…

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What are you really worth...?

There are lots of things that people love: new car smell, walks on the beach, winning the lottery and most importantly, opening a gas station soda only to find out you won a free soda!

In addition to these most cherished things in our lives, I also really love to be inspired and motivated. Over the last couple weeks there have been two pieces in particular that have so eloquently come together in perfect harmony...…


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The Dream Fulfiller

"Hey... Don´t ever let somebody tell you, you can´t to something. Not even me... Alright? You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can't do it. You want something? Go get it. Period." (Christopher Gardner)



Every day educators around the world have the…

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When was the last time...

- you did something you have been procrastinating...

- you asked someone for help...

- you laughed so much that your jaw hurt...

- you made a point to "pay it forward..."

- you rekindled a strained relationship by being open and honest...

- you encouraged a friend, family member, or colleague to do something great...

- you made a list of the great things going on in your… Continue

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Sometimes we all just need a little time...

This past week at school has been particularly busy, and unfortunately this means not getting to spend a lot of time with my two favorite

girls. Coming home from meetings, training sessions, and classes late

at night are all the perfect ingredients for an exhausted and mentally

drained educator. We all have experienced work weeks like

weeks that never seem to end and never seem to give you a moments… Continue

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Criticism hurts...but how you deal with it is all that matters!

The path to growth and development can be ugly at times. Educators are part of a world that is continually changing and evolving, and as such

we are forced to take a leap, and at times take a leap when we are not

ready. Going through all my undergraduate classes at Mizzou we were

always told how rewarding and fantastic the field of education is, and

from where I sit right now I could not agree more. So...the big

question… Continue

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5 things we can learn from our four-legged friends...

My wife and I have been married for a little under three years, and about a year ago we decided that we wanted

to grow our family. As we discussed the most typical way of growing a

family (a baby), we came to the conclusion that we should start small

before taking the big leap. Last summer we purchased an 8 pound, runt

of the litter, slightly discolored, adorable, and loving yellow lab


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It all starts with you...

On any given day, educators experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. How an educator reacts and responds to these highs and

lows can often dictate the overall mood of the day. In my short 6 years

as an educator, I have learned several things as it pertains to

remaining positive, as well as keeping things in perspective when it

comes to my professional and personal life. Educators have an extremely

difficult and… Continue

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Why YOU matter much more than you think...

Educators are constantly using their energy and resources on others. Their students are their number one priority, and consequently educators

are always filling the buckets of others. Educators dedicate

their lives to the development and growth of others...but wait, who

fills the buckets of educators? Who is there to tell the educators they

are doing a great job, and if they need anything somebody will always

be there… Continue

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What's my job?

Do you ever wake up in the morning before work and think to yourself, "I

need to find a new job." If you are human the most likely answer is

"yes." Should you feel guilty about this feeling? Should you focus on

the negative parts of your job, and totally ignore any of the positive

parts? I would answer "no" to both of these questions.

As educators we have the luxury

of facing a litany of setbacks and struggles. Yes, I… Continue

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Would anybody like some change?

As I often do, I speak with my wife about issues and theories related to

education. Though my wife is not a full time teacher, she does teach

as an adjunct professor at a local community college. Thus, I feel she

is knowledgeable and a worthy audience when discussing educationally

related topics.

Our most recent discussion revolved around how education needs to be

more effective and applicable to the ever changing needs of the student

population. There… Continue

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What makes a teacher?

Here is a presentation in a series I produced. (get all of them, all inspirational, on EFL Classroom 2.0) about what is the defining character of a teacher. I'll let you watch and not let the cat out of the bag. Let me know if you agree....…


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Possibilities 2.0

"Give me potential or give me death."

~yep, my version of Patrick Henry's stuff

Now that I think of it, I probably could have just entitled this one “2.0″ because this is now what this phrase means to me. I’m not going to go off… Continue

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Teaching Struggles - Some medicine.

I have the honor and privilege of quite often giving end of year, end of course, graduation and other speeches to teachers. I take it seriously and usually end with a story. Stories work well and inspire. One of the ones I've used most often is this one - MAKE A DIFFERENCE. But I have a number of personal anecdotes and also folktales. You can read many others in the… Continue

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My Inspiration

So I know this certain teacher that is just an absolute inspiration to me and I want to tell everyone why. Here's my very HUMBLE and highly inadequate attempt to do so. I don't want to embarrass her too much, as I think she would be by such types of public praise, so I will just call her "Teacher" which is a term she holds dear anyway.


You simply amaze me. I wish I had a clone that could spend every day in your classroom and just soak up your passion and love… Continue

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Your ideal writing space?

In reference to this post.

Two things:

1. i really love this guy's art.

2. i am really trying to get some feedback from people who write.

we are doing a pretty comprehensive set of action research projects all under the heading of:

what are the characteristics of online writing?

how do the characteristics of student writing change when they write online as… Continue

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Inspire. Do.

I found this Inspirational Image to be both interesting and "spot on." Darren Draper share a few others, but this one really resonates with me and a post I shared a while back — Stop Lurking and Do something! Blogging for me, is something that I decided to do a while back as a result of this — knowing is one thing, doing is something else. I think our… Continue

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Believe in...

I've seen the video of Dalton Sherman, the 10 year old speaking to incoming teachers this year in Dallas. He's an amazing speaker, but I have more to say on the subject... as usual!

Read my post Believe in…

Love your thoughts either here or there...


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