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Don't Silence them...Empower them

Something that has been happening a lot lately in the blogosphere has really got me excited; challenges... From Pernille Ripp's (@4thGrdTeach) 10 picture house tour challenge, Katie Hellerman's (@theteachinggame) connection challenge, Cale Birk's (… Continue

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"The Blind Side"

A few days ago I had the opportunity to watch the movie The Blind Side. As my wife and I sat there watching the movie I couldn't help but notice how "into" the movie we were. This was not the first time I heard

of the movie, however it was the first time I could watch the movie in

its entirety. At my high school we watched a short clip of the film as

part of a Character Education lesson during our…


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Recognizing the shining stars...

Today I had the opportunity to speak with one of the members of my high school's custodial staff. This particular team member is assigned to my

classroom. Though we are almost halfway done with the school year, I

have regrettably not spent much time talking to this person. Today was

my chance...

It was so nice to speak with the person that is responsible for making

sure my classroom is ready to go for the next school… Continue

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The School Family - Guest Blogger Tonya Thompson

Oh, Thanksgiving. Time for all those F’s we love: Food, football Okay, some of those things we love more than others.

I have had many discussions over

the years with one of my fellow educators about people; people that we

enjoy and those we don’t. Recently, we…

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The "real" stakeholders...students have voices too...

I experienced two very important things recently:

1) - If you ask, you shall receive...

Last week I asked 5 students to answer 5 questions related to

education. The questions have nothing to do with my class content, nor

will the students receive anything for completing the 5 questions. I

simply asked 5 of my students to give me their opinion and feedback on

certain education related issues. The… Continue

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What island are you on?

I just finished reading The Learning Leader, by Douglas R. Reeves, as a part of my doctoral studies. I found the book to be

extremely well written, as well as extremely valuable for anyone looking

to gain a more in-depth understanding of school improvement.

As districts and schools look to both district and building leaders, it

is difficult not to notice the "Islands of Excellence," as well as the

islands of… Continue

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Do you recognize the many pieces to the puzzle?

Over the last several weeks I have had the opportunity to speak with several different people who are the

leaders/coordinators/directors/supervisors in their respective

departments within my school district. This opportunity has given me a

new found appreciation for the many intricacies of a large suburban

school district.

As a current classroom teacher I plan my lessons, go to school, teach

students, grade… Continue

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Teamwork in my Notebook-Class


Added by Hans Feldmeier on April 21, 2008 at 8:02am — 3 Comments

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