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My transformation from non-tech to tech

Not too long ago if you asked me my opinions about teaching chemistry with computers my reply would have gone something like this: If you want kids to learn chemistry, the most effective and efficient way to accomplish this is with paper, a pencil, a calculator and lots of time to sit and work on problems. It’s not that I was anti-technology, I just didn’t see what the benefit was to using computers in the classroom. The irony of this story is that in my school, barring a small handful of…


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Autism resource for educators


I just wanted to pass along an information piece that I have happened upon which should be of interest to anyone in the education field that is working with children with Autism. (especially Canada)

Click Here to open the brochure containing important info as well as the website address.

I hope that you find this information helpful in…

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Two easy ways for educators and students to start a blog (for free)

It’s really easy to get started blogging – here’s two different ways to get up and running with a quality blog site quickly.

With the start of the new school year many teachers, administrators, and students will be thinking about finally starting that blog they’ve been considering. I promised in last week’s…


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They need us...

This post was originally an email that I sent to our faculty here at Salem High School. I thought that perhaps some of you might relate to it and benefit from it.



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Free Workshop: Spanish Language Learning and Technology

Title: Global Communication and Today’s Foreign Language Students

Presenter: Rosa Shely, Spanish teacher, Earl Warren High School

Date: April 10, 2010

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Location: Northside Activity Center, San Antonio, Texas (On Culebra just inside Loop 410)

Contact: Dr. Barbara Pino of UTSA…


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15 online resources for help with English homework and class work

9 Paid Resources, and 6 Free Ones.

As promised in last week’s post, “15 online Math tutoring and help options“, this week I am following up with online resources for those seeking help with the subject of English.

Many of the paid options below were also included in last week’s post, since quite a few of them are not just specific to Math, but we have replaced a couple of these with new resources. The free options cited here are all new, and several are useful for… Continue

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Google Docs for Online Classroom: Sharing Quizzes to Invite Students to Take the Quiz

At the last post about creating online quizzes with Google Docs, I showed you the steps to create online quizzes with Google Docs. In this post, I will guide you to share the quizzes you created and then invite others to take quizzes.

You can share the quiz spreadsheet with others or publish it. About sharing quiz spreadsheet online… Continue

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PowerPoint for Educators: How to Make Multiple-choice Quizzes with PowerPoint via VBA

PowerPoint is a multimedia courseware to create multimedia courses to enhance the classroom experience. Also, it is a great assessment tool to create quizzes. The VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) feature in PowerPoint gives educators an accessible way to easily create interactive multimedia quizzes. Here I will teach you how to create multiple-choice quizzes with VBA in PowerPoint for your courses with step-by-step illustrations.

Supposing you want… Continue

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Record Software Tutorials with Voice-over Narration

Some screen recorder like DemoCreator enables users to create narration-based software presentations with ease. Here we will learn how to use DemoCreator's advanced audio capabilities to add and edit audio in your movies. This screen recorder provides 3 ways to add the audio to the screen recordings: record sound at capture time, record sound at preview time, import audio file to the screen…


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Liven up eLearning course to engage learners with funny quiz

Originated from: E-Learning Zone: Liven up eLearning course to engage learners with funny quiz

Making good eLearning courses is a developing art. As a trainer, your goal is to make the training memorable. As you design the course, you must design not only the "what" (or content), but also the "how" (the delivery mechanisms). Integrating funny quiz (like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire") into…


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My Inspiration

So I know this certain teacher that is just an absolute inspiration to me and I want to tell everyone why. Here's my very HUMBLE and highly inadequate attempt to do so. I don't want to embarrass her too much, as I think she would be by such types of public praise, so I will just call her "Teacher" which is a term she holds dear anyway.


You simply amaze me. I wish I had a clone that could spend every day in your classroom and just soak up your passion and love… Continue

Added by Michelle TeGrootenhuis on February 24, 2009 at 8:30pm — No Comments

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