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Google Apps

Google apps is a really neat tool that I think can help me as an educator.  I can use it to have students collaborate on assignments.  It is an efficient way for multiple people to work on one assignment.  It eliminates checking email and attaching documents.  Since it is a live application, it is automatically saved and updated so that anyone with access can view immediately.  I think that the work processing and the presentation features would be the most beneficial for students to use for…


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Free/Open Source Courses


I attended parts of a course titled AMST 246:  Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner from open source courses at Yale University.  I thought it was a pretty neat learning experience.  The course offers a complete syllabus which includes information about the professor, a description of the course, texts for the course, requirements (participation, short paper, term paper, and final exam), and the grading criteria.  There is also a link where you can purchase the required books for…


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Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Before beginning this learning topic, I was not aware of the many areas of education that virtual reality (VR) is being implemented in.  I was surprised to find out how frequently it is used.  When I thought about the applications of virtual reality in the classroom, I did not see many.  Now I realize that there are a ton of opportunities to educate using VR.  The primary application appears to be for science and math concepts and most of the research I came across looked at VR at the post…


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Social Networking in the Classroom


After researching various social networks, I feel more comfortable about the possibility of using them in my classroom.  I was not aware that there were so many options for educators to choose from.  The educational blogs and sites are really user-friendly and secure.  Knowing this, alleviates my fears about getting students involved in online chats.  I like that most of the education networks give the teacher access and control over student accounts. 

I think that prior…


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Acceptable Uses Policy

After reviewing the student AUP for Poudre School District, I noticed a few things in regards to the recommended key elements.  First, it is not called an AUP, but rather Students Use of District Computers, E-mail, and Internet Access. 

  • The preamble section is somewhat there, but not clearly labeled or very detailed.  The terminology is not very kid friendly and uses legal terminology.  It does, however, state that the student code of conduct applies to student online…

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Blogging About Marzano and Bloom

       Both Bloom and Marzano clearly have had a huge effect on the way teachers teach and the way students learn.  Research shows that when implementing these strategies, student achievement increases, and of course this is the ultimate goal of every teacher.  My ever increasing knowledge about Bloom’s taxonomy and Marzano’s research affect my lesson planning daily.  My increased knowledge and understanding helps me create rich, powerful lessons that students learn from and gain knowledge. …


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