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Google Apps

I really struggled creating my Google Site; especially the calendar and editing a pre-made template.  I eventually had to abandon the pre-made template because I could not figure out how to change the picture of the "teacher" nor how to remove "Mrs. Smith's classroom" from the sidebar.  I don't think my site looks too good, the template would have been much better, but I wanted to concentrate on the requirements before I got it to look "pretty."


I like color so I was…


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Virtual Reality

  • Now that you have researched the view opposite of yours, how have your thoughts changed?
    • Not really; I think VR is a valuable technology but it needs to be used in moderation.  If something tangible is available, I would not substitute something virtual for it.
  • Do virtual worlds offer more advantages over more traditional learning environments?
    • I would say that whether virtual worlds offer more advantages over traditional environments all…

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Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

  1. What have I learned that I was not previously aware of?
  • I did not realize that cyber bullying was such a problem but that's probably because my only experience  has been in the business world.  Not to say that it couldn't happen in the business world, but the consequences of bullying someone at this level would be severe.  I would hope that most employees had enough common sense and maturity to not do it in the first place, but if they didn't, hopefully…

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Acceptable Use Policies

SF's Acceptable Use Policy and Internet Rules of Use meet a lot of the standards set by the National Education Association, but not all.


The preamble explains why the policy is needed, the goals of the policy, and that employees need to adhere to the general code of conduct of the company.  It does not include…


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Bloom and Marzano

This week's activities have encouraged me to add more theory behind my lesson planning and instruction.  The first area I need to improve in is catering more to the visual learners.  A long time ago I had a supervisor who liked flow charts and I had to create one for every major work process we had using Visio.  A challenge to this was that I was the only one with the Visio software so I printed them for the supervisor to see.  I don't need to see things to understand them, so I provided…


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My lesson plan and Bloom's Revised and Digital Bloom's Taxonomy

While researching the differences between Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and Digital Bloom's Taxonomy, I first thought of my lesson plan on "Re-cancellations."

As background, I teach employees how to make specific changes to health insurance policies.  When coverage under a policy is no longer needed, a cancellation is processed and unused premium is refunded to the insured.  Sometimes a refund is sent to the insured and later a payment the insured made for coverage is returned as…


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Wordle experiences and links

Using Wordle was fun and easy; I enjoyed all the color options.

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Blog Wordle

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Wordle on Blogs

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