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Web 2.0

I have enjoyed learning about Web 2.0 and the wide variety of things that are out there. I wish a lot of the applications for kids were around when I was growing up. This assignment gave me an opportunity to see what Web 2.0 apps I could use in my classroom.

For starters, one of my favorites is Tikatok

With this, kids can write their own stories and publish them on the internet for people to buy. This would be a great project for kids of any… Continue

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Classroom AUP

I had to make my own AUP for computer usage in my classroom. We read an article about a teacher who accidentally stumbled upon an adult website during class. Some students saw the adult content and reported back to their parents about what they had seen. Needless to say, the teacher ran into serious trouble, and the jury was willing to charge her with jail time for this accident.

My AUP helped me prepare for such a situation by informing parents of the guidelines in my classroom. For… Continue

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Kidspiration Mind Map

The Kidspiration project came easy to me once I figured out the basic functions of the program. I can see why this program is designed for kids, it is very simple to use, yet allows nearly limitless creative freedom. Since you are able to import your own pictures, any project you work on can have your own personal touch.

I enjoyed representing this aspect of my life via Kidspiration. This was much more enjoyable than writing a paper describing my friends and family. With… Continue

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Character Poster

The character poster project was a new experience for me. I enjoyed creating something that was supposed to be a personal reflection on myself. The actual process, however, stressed me out a little bit.

I am naturally attracted to photography and art, so this project was enjoyable. If I had more pictures of myself I would have probably chosen another photo rather than my wedding shot, but I was still able to accomplish the task at hand. I learned that the spreadsheet template can be… Continue

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Technology through my Life

I have vast memories of using technology starting at a young age.

I remember when my dad bought our first computer. It was a Compaq model that took forever to even set up (in hindsight). I was about 7 years old when he bought it, and I remember watching him use it for business and the internet. Meanwhile, in school, we were being taught the basic functions of computers, ie., paint, typing, basic games, etc. I took interest in computers and my dad taught me a lot on our home computer.… Continue

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I took two learning/personality type tests.

The first was a learning type test. I found out that I learn visual/spatially. I would say this is accurate. Typically I like to see how things are done before I can do them. The test also said I learn well with words. I do enjoy writing and believe I have a creative imagination.

The second test I took told me my type was INFP. I have taken this test before and had the same results then. I believe this test is very accurate when… Continue

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