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Marzano & Bloom

When I started on my teaching journey almost ten years ago in college, we did a lot of work with Bloom’s Taxonomy.  There was a lot of focus on using the levels of thinking skills in lesson planning and developing activities.  The first school I starting teaching at, the main focus of the school was using the Bloom’s verb in our objectives.   Bloom’s has been the core of my teaching for the majority of my career so far.  Not until recently has Marzano become a forerunner in my teaching…


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Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses

This self-paced course is a good introduction to Spanish for those who have never studied it before, or a good supplemental program for students who may be struggling in their school Spanish class, or a good refresher course for people who would like to brush up on Spanish after years of not having studied it.  While there are many aspects of learning a language, this course focuses almost exclusively on Spanish grammar.  The course materials and videos had to be accessed using iTunes…


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Google Apps

Google Apps would help me be a more efficient educator in a few ways.  One it would help me with organization with the integration of Google calendars.  I find myself carrying around 2 or 3 different day planners each school year because I am writing information everywhere.  The calendar app will allow me to just carry around my laptop or phone and keep track of everything going on in and out of the classroom.  Another way the apps would help is through the Google site tool.  I have wanted…


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Virtual Reality

After researching the opposing view, my thoughts have not changed.  I still see benefits to using virtual reality in the classroom.  I do agree however, that cost is the major barrier in having successful virtual reality options in the classrooms.  Virtual worlds offer some advantages but not more.  I love the idea of students being able to use their technology skills and apply them in the classroom as an extension or additional support.  I feel classroom must keep some traditional aspects…


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Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

Doing this weeks activity I learned a couple of new things.  First, the importance of having a digital citizenship policy for my classroom, second, how I can utilize social networks in the classroom.  Creating the digital citizenship policy was important because I had to thoughtfully think of what was most important for students.  There were many points that could be made for each element, but picking the most effective and kid-friendly took some thought.  The work around social networks…


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AUP Woordle

AUP Woordle

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Acceptable Use Policies

Below is my comparison of the NEA and DPS Acceptable Use Policies:

National Education Association AUP

Key Elements

Denver Public Schools AUP

Key Elements…


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Word Clouds



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