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Last Friday, I ran across a blog post on Free Tech for Teachers about an app called I started to mess around with the app and was blown away by how easy it was. Using, I posted a document to the web about as quick as I could cut and paste the text. Within a few minutes, I had what was formerly a word document published with it’s own…


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Animal Farm debate on Youtube

I am working with a group of students on a Youtube debate project. We are reading Animal Farm. Today, the students chose a character from the story and presented their viewpoint on what is happening in the story from their character's point of view. I am looking for some willing participants, who have read the book, to leave some video comments for the students. I am hoping to show them that by doing this kind of project, they really are speaking to a… Continue

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5 must haves to make videos with students

Movie production in the classroom can be a scary thing for many teachers, and to be honest, I have seldom done a video project with students where I was in total control. There is always something that I didn’t know or think about. However, I have done enough projects now to have some idea of what to expect. Having certain tools handy will certainly make the whole process run smoother, making those bumps that

do come up seem much…


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Make PowerPoint an experience for students

I just sat through a webinar with Tom Kuhlmann, the author of The Rapid E-Learning Blog. The particular name of this webinar was “Don’t let the experts tell you PowerPoint sucks.” There were some good ideas presented, but more than anything, it made me think of how we use PowerPoint in the…


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What it takes to use comics in the math classroom


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Four apps students can use to make comics in the classroom

Comics are what I am into right now. The last several posts have been about comics, so today I spent some time playing with several different comic creators. I was surprised at how many there were out there that were free. As with any app, some of these may be blocked due to their social networking nature. However, I think that at least a few of these will be usable in most schools.…


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Five Web 2.0 apps for the classroom


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Five alternatives to take the place of Etherpad

Last week I wrote about how Etherpad was going shut down pads starting on the 14th. Since then I have learned of another new alternative. Actually, this one is Etherpad in a resurrected form. Apparently, in December of 2009, Google bought Etherpad with hopes of integrating it with Wave. However, according to, they quickly shut it down. This didn’t make Etherpad users happy, so Google put the collaboration platform back online as an open source app. To make a long story short,…


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Away from technology for a day

Ok. This is might sound lame, and it won’t take you more than two seconds to guess that I am an English teacher. Today, my classes took a day away from the computers to do research. We actually used those bound paper piles in the library known as books. I will admit that, at times through the day, it was painful, mostly because the computers were within ten feet at all times, and the research might have been easier…


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Scvngr: A cool tool for the classroom

I have read about Scvngr a few times, but yesterday finally decided to give it a try in class. We are studying Shakespeare right now which is not a favorite topic of study for most students. I hoped that by using something like Scvngr might engage them in the subject. Boy howdy, did it do the job! The students loved it.

Basically, I used Scvngr to set up a scavenger hunt within a copy of text that we read in…


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Technology in the classroom this week

This week was kind of a crazy week. Several teachers in the school scheduled time on Wednesday to use Cover It Live with students. If you haven’t used it before, it is one of the coolest ways to have a class discussion in a digital format.

Anyway, Wednesday was also the day of the iPad release. Because of this, there were several different news sites and blogs using Cover It Live to discuss the new computer and watch Steve… Continue

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