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knoope_LT8_Activity 1 and 3_Blogging about Google Apps and Google Apps Matrix

When asked to open up yet one more web account for this class, I did cringe a bit.  Classroom 2.0 was a new site for me, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have a wikipage, a WordPress page, an edublog, an Edmodo account, and countless emails, so tracking one more page with my name on it left me a little weary. 

After playing with the site and creating my page, however, I was ready to share my latest creation with everyone in class and the Internet. Page creation was reasonably easy…


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knoope_LT7_Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses

Summary of the Course

English 203: Introduction to Poetry from Missouri State University was taught by Lanette Cadle and presented on iTunes. Students are expected to read eight chapters and an appendix over the course of eight weeks and write six poems of specific form. At the end of the course, students are expected to produce a portfolio showcasing their poetry.   

Design of the Course:  This eight-week course is designed as a video lecture series as an…


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Blogging about Virtual Reality - Reflection

Blogging about Virtual Reality (VR)

After investigating virtual reality environments, simulations, and tours and conducting research on what the experts have to say about virtual reality in education, I have to say that I have changed my mind about the use, effectiveness, and purpose of VR in education.

I admit I was a skeptic when considering how to use virtual reality in the classroom because in my limited experience, these were “games” students played to pass the time and…


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knoope_LT4_Activity 7_Social networking and Digital Citizenship

This week’s research focus on the subjects of Social Networking and Digital Citizenship has uncovered a few realizations regarding my use of tech tools that I need to implement immediately.

After discussing our district AUP with my assistant principal and my concerns that our students do not sign the document annually, she was able to clarify a few things for me. First, students sign the AUP as incoming freshmen or new incoming students. When the district revises the document, all…


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knoope_LT3_Activity 1: Blogging about Acceptable Use Policy

In my discussion with my District Instructional Technology Specialist, I found that the current AUP has been in force since before 1999, but the major authors responsible for the document’s inception no longer work for the district. As such, the AUP is now revised/reviewed as a “result of new technologies (social media, mobile devices), new electronic/technology options we offer students/staff (Google Apps), and changes we make to infrastructure” (Finch, 2014). The current AUP has not been…


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Investigating Bloom's Taxonomy

If I were to suggest an addition to Bloom’s Taxonomy, I would include sharing/collaborating as a Key Term. Although several of the digital tools and uses in the digital taxonomy imply sharing, they do not explicitly say so. Sharing and collaborating with others requires some…


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Blogging about Bloom and Marzano

               Having had ample opportunity to explore Marzano’s Nine Instructional Strategies in my university classes, I was pleased to start my new teaching assignment this year with this tool in my toolbox. My school district has placed a fine focus on the Teaching-Learning Cycle (TLC) and even established a model specifically for schools in our district. Based heavily on Bloom’s taxonomy, the WSD3 TLC framework asks all teachers to create learning intentions to complement our…


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