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Google Apps

There are so many uses and benefits I see through the use of Google Apps for Educators. Efficiency, collaboration, and student connections are the biggest benefits these tools have to offer. As an instructor, apps such as the email tool provide an easy way for the instructor to organize their communications with students. The label function can be used to break down communication by specific class, specific student, or specific class assignment. If I were teaching multiple courses this would…


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HTML5.1x Learn HTML5 from W3C

The purpose of the edX online HTML 5 course is to familiarize the audience with the new structure of HTML 5 as well as the benefits of the new coding structure. The course begins by introducing students to the overall course objectives which include exposing them to the new coding structure and the corresponding new features. Features include tags that are more descriptive and therefore more accessible as well as features that make incorporation of multimedia functionality…


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Virtual Reality

With the research I conducted this week my viewpoint on virtual reality has not changed much. I still see a lot of educational value in the use of virtual reality and simulation tools. What the research has shown me is how to be more aware of some of the possible setbacks of the tool and how to counteract some of the negative results. For example, isolation or escapism can be combatted by limiting the amount of time students are engaged within this type of environment. It can also be…


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Blogging About Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

There was quite a bit of learning that I got out of the exploration of these two areas this week. I have had some brief exposure related to the integration of social networking tools in an education environment. I have seen tools such as Ning used to create learning experiences that immerse students in the material as well as create a community of peers. I have also seen how Twitter has been used to share valuable educational resources that students can share with one another. What I have…


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Week 3: Blogging about Acceptable Use Policies

The acceptable use policy for my school is located in a variety of areas as opposed to an official, central location. The policies I found, for the most part, entail a blanket statement that covers the acceptable use of all technology. The policy does not follow the traditional format of an effective AUP but it does contain some of the elements of an AUP. Due to the lack of a cohesive format and the variation in where the information is located may indicate the policy is not…


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Bloom's Taxonomy & Marzano's Nine Strategies

Since I am new to the field of teaching, I received quite a bit of new knowledge from the exposure to Bloom’s Taxonomy and Marzano’s nine instructional strategies. By examining these two areas I was able to see how an educator can harness these pieces to create better learning for their students. I was able to see how Bloom’s Taxonomy builds knowledge from lower level skills to higher level skills. Each level indicated a deeper knowledge being demonstrated by the student. I also noticed that…


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Bloom's Revised Taxonomy vs. Digital Bloom's Taxonomy

Comparison Table

There are many ways to expose students to best practices in graphic design. Some of the best methods seem to tie in well with higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy as well as the tools associated with Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. Adapting, collaborating, evaluating, and inventing are all integral pieces to design work. Additionally, the…


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