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Online Learning Reflection

I’ve been actively involved in an online course through Treehouse (www.treehouse.com). Here I’ve been learning Java Script coding to learn how to create applications for the Android operating system. Each course is broken up into stages, which are broken into various videos, quizzes, and what are called code challenges. For example, the lesson Building a Simple Android App, is broken into 6 stages. In the first stage, there’s an introduction…


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Virtual Reality Reflection

                As I reflect on virtual reality in education, I’m not sure I see the benefits of systems like Minecraft and Second Life. I understand that there are teachers who have found ways to create, simulate, and collaborate within these environments however, I wonder if learning is really occurring. In some of my research I found that Second Life hosts “virtual learning” landscapes where students log in virtually and go participate in learning excursions, build simulations, etc.…


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Social Media Reflection

I haven’t completed much research in the past on social networks because I’ve spent my time working at an Elementary School where social networking is not allowed. I’ve also been pretty much blocked from every social media site by my district’s proxy. After reviewing the various sites I understand that many of them collect student information and is probably one reason why they’re blocked. I was really surprised to see that the one social network tool that’s approved in my district is…


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Review of Denver Public Schools Technology AUP

In my research I found that my district has four AUPs covering email, internet, network, and copyright. Every one of these documents has a preamble which essentially describes the service that DPS provides (e.g. email, internet, or network) and who the policy applies to however, each document is missing some key elements. For example our email policy is directed toward staff only (not children) and doesn't describe how the policy was developed yet, our Network Connection policy goes into…


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Bloom and Marzano Reflection

               For years I have been aware of Bloom’s and Marzano’s ideas of learning and instruction yet I have never stopped and compared the two side by side. When looking back I can tell that Bloom focuses more on the learner and Marzano focuses on the teacher. As I move forward and think about my own instructional practices, and what I want to help communicate to my teachers, that we’ll use Bloom’s Taxonomy to determine the level of learning that will occur in class (to try and keep…


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Bloom's Digital vs. Bloom's Revised

BloomsvsBlooms title=


Lesson Review

Recently I developed a Blended Learning PD for my teachers. This lesson was designed to stand on its own, and model what a Blended Learning lesson should look and feel like. As I compared my coursework to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, which I didn’t use to…


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Wikis Wordle

Wordle: Wikis

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Blog Wordle

Wordle: Blogs

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Screencast-O Matic

Application Name: Screencast-O-Matic

Developer: Screencast-O-Matic

Cost: Basic Version Free, Pro $15/yr



Screencast-O-Matic is a powerful screen recording software than can be run directly off its web site or via downloaded application. You can choose how large of an area you want to record including 1080p HD quality. Once you start recording you can use the alt+p buttons to pause and resume your recording (helpful if you mess up part of your…


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