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Making a Career From Writing Auto Repair Estimates


What is an estimator?

An estimator is a person that writes auto repair estimates on vehicles that have been involved in an accident. The estimator must understand the basic car design and know the nomenclature of a vehicle. The estimator must also have good communication skills as they deal with customers on a daily basis. Not only does the estimator have to communicate with customers, but they will also be the contact person for the insurance companies, shop…


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Contest For Technical (Auto) Instructors and Students - CB 3M Accuspray Contest Giveaway



Schools and colleges are almost over for this semester. To start the new semester off right, 3M and Collision…


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BCC Students Demonstrate How To Plug Weld - Technical Education

Student Led Plug Welding Demonstration

In this ABRN How2 tip Preston and Tucker, collision repair students at Butler Community College, are doing a student led demonstration, demonstrating how to perform a plug weld using a MIG welder. Once welded, they demonstrate a destructive test method to determine if the plug weld passes the test.

A plug weld can replace the factory spot welds when repairing a vehicle in a body repair shop.… Continue

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Learning To Walk Before You Can Run - The Hierarchy Of Learning

The levels of learning within the cognitive domain are considered to be hierarchical, which requires the lower levels of learning to take place before the higher level learning can take place.

In simple terms you must, walk before run. Learning must take place one step at a time. However, many students expect to go from A to Z without learning everything in the middle. For example, in…


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YOU DID WHAT...? Accidents Gone Good - A Lesson From Charlie Hutton

It is funny how some things happen in life. For instance, do you remember the commercial where these people were at the movie theater and someone drops their chocolate bar in someone else's peanut butter? The point the commercial was implying is that Reese's was discovered by an accident. If you don't remember, I included a video of the commercial below.

The reason I bring this up is because Charlie Hutton from the television…

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My Condolences To Fellow Teacher

I normally like to post with ways to help others or something positive, but today is something that is very disturbing and sad. A teacher that I knew at a high school that I taught at for three years was stabbed and killed by a student this week. It's really sad and aggravating, as this teacher was trying to make a difference in this world. He had mentioned to his family members that he felt that he had found his calling in life. Todd Henry was a great person and an awesome musician. I would… Continue

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Do You Know Who May Be Sitting In Your Classroom?

Do you know who may be sitting in your classroom? Or will someone else discover them?
I came across a YouTube video that caught my attention. It conveys that there may be unidentified talents in ordinary people. I believe as teachers, our job is to help students explore, unlock and discover what these talents are. Once identified, help them strengthen these talents.
I encourage every teacher to search for that…

Added by Donnie Smith on September 6, 2009 at 6:53am — 2 Comments

You Make A Difference

Well, it is time to get another school year started. My students start Monday. I don't know about you, but my summer went by extremely fast. I wish you a productive year. When times get stressful and you wonder why you chose to become a teacher, remember that you may be the one personal that has a positive influence and made a difference in one of your student's life. All of your students will leave your class at the end of the semester or year a better person, because you cared. I know you all… Continue

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Are Academic Skills Needed in Technical Education?

It seems like many people have the perception that technical careers do not require academic skills. In collision repair, not only do students need to learn and stay updated with today's sophisticated vehicles, they also need to have basic academic skills.

While four-year college degrees are not designed for every student this does not lessen the significance of academic skills. Even though technical education provides a career path for students that may not be seeking a four year… Continue

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Should Technical Education be on the "cut list?"

There was an article in the Wichita Eagle this morning talking about the discussing the budget crunch their school district faces. They are anticipating that there will be programs that must be eliminated. Currently, technical education does not influence the individuals making these decisions. The Bush administration has been trying to eliminate funding to… Continue

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Everything is Bigger in Texas

From the deserts of New Mexico, to the big state of Texas, and back to the sunflower state of Kansas. I’m back in Kansas now, but I thought that I would share with you a few of our stops that we made on our way back. Read More and see pictures on our BCRN Class Blog

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