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Blogging Best Practices

            Blogging (whether personal or for educational purposes) is a popular form of communication with others online. Those who chose to blog should also consider some best practices to get people interested in reading their posts and interested in returning to read other posts. Some best practices for educational blogging include establishing norms/guidelines…


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21st Century Classrooms & 21st Century Learning

              Teachers are hearing the terms “21st Century Classroom” and “21st Century Learning” a lot during trainings and within resources. Teachers need to understand what these terms mean in order to fully grasp the concepts behind them.

                A “21st Century Classroom” and a “21st Century Learner” go together. Learners/students come into our classrooms with more technology skills than ever before. School districts need to…


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10 more ways to use Blogs in Your Classroom

Classroom blogs can be a good resource and tool for the classroom. There are many ways blogs can be used. Kathleen Morris (2012, Jan.) posted several ideas along with a visual graphic organizer that show the benefits of using blogs in a classroom:

I teach younger students and think of the ways I can use blogging in my class. The following video was uploaded…


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Google Apps

            Google Apps has created programs that allow teachers to integrate into their classrooms to help students experience technology. These apps can help me be more efficient as an educator by allowing my students to integrate technology into their learning and experience it for themselves. Gmail allows students to have the responsibility of checking their own mailbox (it is always fun receiving mail when you are young!) but has a component for teachers to have an administration…


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Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses

          We were asked to search and enroll in a free/open source course that we were interested in. The idea was for us to experience a type of online learning that is available. I spent quite a while searching for free/open source courses. A lot of them that I discovered were through universities (MIT, Yale, etc.). I decided to see what courses they were offering. None of the university courses were educationally related. They offered courses in business, science, math, history,…


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Social Networking & Digital Citizenship

            Social networking is very popular and sites about any subject or interest can be found. There have been sites created that incorporate social networking and education. These sites allow teachers to integrate social networking into their teaching and lessons. Something teachers need to consider before using social networking is the nine components of digital citizenship. These components were created to help protect students and create a learning environment for technology…


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Acceptable Use Policies

           Searching for my district’s acceptable use policy (AUP), I discovered we do not have just one policy. We have policies for electronic mail, the Internet, network connections, and copyright compliance. After speaking to a couple of people in the district for my field experience, I found out there is a policy that is being created for social media. For this discussion, I am going to focus on the Internet policy. The district Internet policy is the same for students as well as…


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Blogging about Bloom and Marzano

           Both Marzano and Bloom have created skills and strategies that impact teachers in how they deliver instruction in their classrooms. They have also helped teachers focus on how to help their students learn the content of their presentations. Information on both processes can be found on the Internet.

                Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy help teachers choose activities that move students from lower order thinking skills to higher order…


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Bloom's Taxonomy & Digital Bloom's

In my writing lesson in our “How-to” unit, I think I do a pretty good job at integrating Bloom’s Taxonomy into my lessons, including the highest level of creating. I allow my students to create and plan their own how-to books throughout the unit. They can choose their own topic, plan their book using a draft paper, and create their how-to book using pre-printed pages with only lines. As students create a new book, they are challenged to improve their writing by adding more details and more…


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Wiki word cloud

Wiki word cloud

Attached is my Wiki word cloud from Wordle.

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Welcome to my blog! I will be using it to comment on assignments for my course.

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Blog Wordle

Blog word cloud

Here is the link to my blog word cloud from Wordle.

I am learning more and more about blogs from everyone's charts and was excited to experience creating a word cloud.

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