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ohh you know web 2.0

This week we looked at web 2.0 technologies. We were able to look at specific ones and figure out how they would be useful in the classroom. My group specifically looked at Active Allowance. This website is a great way to teach children how to budget their money and really learn the value of a dollar. It also allows the children to see progress charts of how they are doing and really make it easy… Continue

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Acceptable Use Policy

This week we had to create acceptable use policies. These are very important to have whenever you are working in a classroom where the children have internet and computer access. I can still remember growing up every year we had this important book that we had to take home and go over with our parents before we were allowed to use the internet at school, it was a long and very detailed acceptable use policies. Many school systems… Continue

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Inspiration kidspiration

This week we looked at a lot of different types of software that could be used in the classroom. One of them that we looked at in particular was called Kidspiration. Kidspiration is very useful for making mind maps, activities involving writing, or a variety of other things. What makes kidspiration great for classroom use is the fact that it will talk you through everything and explain what each icon means or what each picture is. It engages… Continue

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character posters

In class last week we created these character posters using a picture of ourselves using Microsoft excel and then putting a word and it's definition on the poster. I really enjoyed this project because it made us think about what different emotions a picture could convey to people. This project also allowed for a lot of personal touches while still being under a specific… Continue

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Technology has always been something that has been very present throughout my life. My dad's job when I was younger allowed us to be exposed to computers and other things like that at a very young age. In fact my dad built our first home computer using different parts from old computers they had at work. But before we even had a computer on of the ways that I used technology the most was the one and only Nintendo. Then Nintendo was a gaming console that my brothers and I would spend hours… Continue

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tests, tests, tests

So I just took two little personality tests and I must say it was an interesting experience. Most of the personality tests that I have ever taken have been about what my personality color is or what type of cheese represents my inner being, but I really found these tests very revealing. I did have a problem with the PLSI test because in two of the sections I had an even split of 6 and 6 and it didn't really address what to do in that situation and so I don't know if my profile is accurate as it… Continue

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