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"Conversation is King"

The following quote can be found on page 99 in Shirky's book:

"Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about. The conversation that forms around shared photos, videos, weblog posts, and the like is often about how to do it better next time---how to be a better photographer or a better writer or a better programmer. The goal of getting better at something is different from the goal of being good at it; there is a pleasure in improving your abilities even if that…


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They Are Already Here!

I must admit that I find Shirky’s book fascinating and find myself quoting or mentioning it in conversation, or even worse, interrupting my husband to read an excerpt to him. The author brings up some interesting points, as many have mentioned, including the issues surrounding the theft of the cell phone. I particularly found it interesting to take note of the schematic drawings in chapter two of…


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First Impressions

After reading and listening to the information posted about PLN's, one word remains with me. BALANCE. Yes, that's the word for me. I currently have four e-mail accounts, along with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, SKYPE, a ning or two, follow a few blogs, etc. I even had a blog of my own for awhile, a teacher blog of sorts. I work on various computers (four actually) and a Blackberry, have numerous flash drives with various bits and bytes of information, and have programmed three ipods.…


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