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Blogging About Google Apps

How could Google Apps help you to be more efficient as an educator?

I have used GAFE since 2010.  I realized the potential for collaborations outside our classroom walls. I realized that students will not lose or corrupt their documents.  I realized that I could create a website for our school.  And the best part; it was all FREE.  It was a no-brainer!  But, it did take the junior high staff time, about 3 years, to feel…


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Free/Open Source Courses

Educator Free/Open Source Course

Last year I participated in an online course based on the book The Connected Educator, written by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (  She was giving her book away as long as educators participated in discussions and reflections for each…


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Virtual Reality Blog Post

Question:  Do virtual worlds offer more advantages over more traditional learning environments?

Before I can answer this question, I needed to understand the meaning of traditional learning environments.  I found this awesome table from a blog written by Kate…


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Reflection: Social Networks

This week focused on social networks and digital citizenship policies, concepts I use and stress in my lab and with my colleagues.  I use blogs, twitter, Edmodo, and other social networks  in my classroom in an educational setting as well as personally.  I shared as many social networks as I could with the class so those who may not be as familiar with them could see how it’s used and hopefully apply one or two in their classrooms or personal lives.  Social networks are a…


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Acceptable Use Policies

Acceptable Use Policy

Diocese of Joliet Catholic Schools

The Diocese of Joliet is in the process of revising their AUP.  For this activity I will be using the original AUP.  The last revision was March, 2010, so it isn’t quite out of date.  This policy allows students to use technology in the schools in order to facilitate learning and teaching through communication, access to information, research, and…


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Comparing Bloom's Taxonomy (Old Version) to Digital Bloom's Taxonomy

Looking back on my lessons, I emphasize the concept of digital citizenship with many of the students in several grades.  In the past I've shown a video, have them recall facts through discussion, and turn their information into Edmodo or a worksheet for me to grade.  Then I move onto the next lesson.  

After researching and reviewing the older version and Digital version of Bloom's Taxonomy, I've found my lesson could have greatly been enhanced and probably have been more valuable for…


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Blogging About Bloom and Marzano

Almost every Sunday I plan my lessons for the week.  I try to get them done sooner but they always seem to happen on Sunday - after supper of course!  What's nice is that recently I refer to three sections as I plan my week:  the Joliet Diocese Technology Standards, Bloom's Taxonomy, and Marzano's Strategies.  Many of these sections overlap, which makes it easier for me to incorporate them into my lessons.

Recently the students in 7th grade are completing a project for digital…


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Blog and Wiki Wordle

This was a fun activity!  I am going to use this with my 8th graders who are starting blogs this week.  They are to find 3 adjectives to describe them and write a paragraph for each.  This will be perfect for a wordle! and

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