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Online Virtual Classroom...Teaching a Multi Cultural International Online Class

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The Online Virtual English Class

Thousands of Koreans attend English Classes everyday trying to learn to speak a Language that is now deemed essential. All teachers of English in Korea are expected to be able to Speak English by 2010. Schools, Colleges, Universities and a myriad of tiny after-school centers pay enormous fees for native speaking… Continue

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Virtual MiniLife as aide to Teaching Conversational English

It started with Active Mates and a link where I could buy my friends. It looked fun so I did. This led me to My Mini Life and building houses for my friends to live in.

Suddenly I was part of a whole little Virtual World where people build little houses, and exchange visits and gifts, and get virtual money in points, by voting and… Continue

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Online Virtual Classroom

On the advantages of virtual, text-based discussions:

"... In all my years of teaching classes, there are always some students in the class who are very hard to get to speak up. You can ask them a direct question, but basically, unless they are put on the spot, these students will not volunteer their own opinions in class, and I think… Continue

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Content Based Learning: Improve Reading Using Newspapers

Content Based Learning Extends the Student to his Own Level

Content Based Learning has as its focus, Content, and provides the student a rich base of content for learning.

A base content is provided by the teacher, with the option for the student to extend beyond what the teacher and lesson provides. This allows the student who is capable and motivated, to work at his own level, and extend his learning to the level of his own capability.

Using a… Continue

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Level 2 Research: Using Video for Voice

This Activity had students take a basic speaking activity...Topic: "What is fun?" based on a textbook activity Unit 10.

1.Teacher focused fun activities were listed on the board....

2.Students working in pairs, created their own 'Top 10" List of Fun Activities.

3.Next they discussed and shared their activities with other class members walking around the room and seeing who had the same activities.

4. Step 4 was the teacher bringing out e camera and… Continue

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Teaching English Speaking to Korean Staff...a New Wiki for Staff and Employed Koreans


Many Koreans have already studied English for a minimum of 10 years.

These Koreans already have a knowledge of English.

They have very good English Skills.

What they lack is:

* the opportunity to speak English

* the need to speak English

* the confidence to speak English


Now there are many English teachers… Continue

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Research Project on using Wikis and Interactives to improve English Speaking

Research: Research with Korean University Graduates to improve their English speaking skills using online Journals in the form of wikis, with access and experience with online tools that stimulate motivation and create experiences in using voice, assessing voice, and improving voice.

Classroom Setting and Tools:

A multi-technology Classroom with a Computer, projector and a microphone is necessary.

A laboratory with individual computers is more… Continue

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World Quilt..add yourself

World Quilt of Faces, and Places and Voices....Add yourself now...


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