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Looking for a good hybrid/blend definition...

As I continue to come up with a definition of hybrid courses or at the very least how to put adjectives to the noun I'm trying to get a handle on, here's a first attempt.  What do you think?

A Definition: Hybrid courses leverage the best of what traditional face-to-face instruction offers with the flexibility, power, and accessibility of online instruction.  Merely taking elements of both and throwing them together into a course does not embody the best…


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Failure needs to be a Choice, but not the Destination

I've been thinking quite a bit over this subject of failure and the fear

that absolutely paralyzes out of action. This is is true in many areas of life, though I see it rather prevalent within the context of teaching and especially learning.…


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First Class Review - 28 Aug 2012

As an educator, it's important to be reflective of my practice, not for the sake of boasting, but for the sake of being able to recall what went well, what worked - and definitely how things could be improved for the next time I teach this particular session of CPED2023 for Johnson University.

I spend what my wife probably thinks is an inordinate amount of time pining over and re-examining my course content, flow and learning…


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Week 1 Review

Yesterday we held our first class in the new semester for the CPED 2023 (Introduction to Educational Technology) course. As much as I thought I had most of my thoughts together prior to starting the course there were so many more things I felt I left out.

I would have liked to have painted a broader and yet more detailed… Continue

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Talking about hardware

The class session where I discussed the elements of hardware seemed to go well enough, but not nearly as stellar as I'd hoped. I really feel like the text does a good job of covering the content - giving students a baseline understanding of the content - while in class we discuss some of the major points of the subject in class.…


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Grading... a thing most un-fun

While I don't have the greatest desire to do grading - I do like seeing the thinking process of students - the inner workings as it were. I was always fascinated by the big picture so cogs and wheels and remember my first understanding of what a cog was - it was from Mr. Cogswell of the Jetson's cartoon show. That grew into an appreciation and an awe for the pictures of the inside of Big… Continue

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Test to see if blogging still works.

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Class begins tomorrow... somewhat new.

Aside from the fact that our country will have a new President and a new administration at nearly this time tomorrow, my greatest concern is in what I can impact and work with in the here and now - and what's closest to me - that being the Introduction to Educational Technology course I teach each semester.

I have to say that teaching this course for me is very exciting - because it's in this course that I can engage up and-coming teaching… Continue

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Reflecting more often...

So I've been thinking about life - well life and how I reflect on it, and one of the ways that helps me to reflect is writing.

I specifically want to become better - more consistent at posting what I discover and think about - esp. with regard to technology.

My undergraduate studies stated that learners retain and think more clearly when done based on periods of metacognitive thought - that is thinking about thinking, and in this case, me thinking about my own… Continue

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