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Technology Rules For The Classroom

I think it is very important to have guidelines in the classroom for the use of technology. This isn't just to prevent the kids from doing something bad, but it also lets them know that sometimes you accidently go to an inappropriate website and it informs the kids what to do from there. However, sometimes kids can abuse technology and it can be harmful to the other kids in the classroom. For example, a kid can type something mean about another kid and either show it to other kids or they could… Continue

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I loved this activity. It was really fun to write about my friends and family. There really wasn't anything hard about this assement. There are many ways you can use this in a lesson. You could have kids use it, similar to how we did, and they can describe themselves and the different part of their lives so the teacher can get to know them. You can also use this program any time you wanted to make a web about whatever it is that your studying at that time.

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Character Poster

I loved making this character poster. I had no idea you can make something like that using Excel. The hardest part I found was finding a picture that had a high enough resolution. Once I did I thought it was very simple and fast to make. This is a great way to decorate a classroom, and much cheaper than buying a bunch of character posters. Not only do these make for great decorations, but they are also good reminders for the kids on some of the character traits they should have.

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Technology Memory

My older brother and I would spend hours a day when we were little play Super Nintendo. We had a system worked out where one of us would stay at the easiest level and keep getting as many lives as we could. The other one would try to advance as far as they could through all the levels. If that person got low on lives, then the one staying at the easiest level one give most of their lives to that person. It was a really good syster. It almost made it possible for us to beat the whole game, but… Continue

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Paragon Learning Style/Multiple Intelligence Inventories

None of my results were surprising to me. I have already realized most of these things either through similar tests taken in the past or simply just knowing myself. In the Multiple Intelligence Inventory, I knew I would score higher in the math, visual/spacial, body/kinesthetic, and the interpersonal sections. I thought it was kind of funny and very suiting that the catogory i fell into with the Paragon Learning Style is called Teacher. But everything described in that was dead on with me.

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