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Podcast Potential

Thanks to a post here on CR20 I've got a whole new bunch of ideas and plans - read about them here.

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The power of blogs

I learnt something very valuable tonight - blogs are way more than just a curriculum tool...and I owe my students an apology - read about it at my BLOG.

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Formal V Informal

How do the formalities of teaching help build a learning community? What's more important in a school informal or formal learning? Can there be a balance between the two?

Some of my "big questions" right now - see more of my thinking on the matter in my blog post, "Formal V Informal"

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Talking or Conversing?

Which of these do you do? How can teachers converse more and "teach" less? Some questions that I've been thinking about today...oh and how do you use PowerPoint in your classroom? To see my latest post in full go to - Talking or Conversing?

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Coming to grips with Generation Y

We all get exasperated with our students sometimes and that's what led me to buy a new book. My latest blog entry reflects on the book and the importance of understanding the generation of students we have in our classrooms - "What happens when X, Y, and Z collide?"

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My students never cease to amaze me

As I gear up for the last push of the 2008 school year I logged on this afternoon and had some of my reservations about the cyberdrama project alleviated. To check out how my students motivate me to keep going see my latest blog entry "On Your Marks..."

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Recharging...75% Complete

So, I've 3/4 of my way through the two week Australian Spring holidays - and I've started considering our final term for 2008. To see my thoughts and "To Do" list - check out my blog. Please share any suggestions/ideas/strategies you think might help!

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Connecting with Passion

After considering my sources of inspiration and the power of passion in the world I put my thoughts out there on the web - "Connecting with Passion". Let me know what your thoughts are :)

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Must remember...

Widgets are not always compatible with the departments online learning environment.

At least this time I didn't kill a v. important folder within the Blackboard...just caused my computer to freeze mid game.

It's frustrating not being able to make use of so many cool things out there on the web.

Am struggling atm to come up with the best strategy for my students to run their cyberdramas within the department's platform and in keeping with our policies - but am… Continue

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I should be offended...

Yesterday I confused my husband (also a teacher) and abandoned my laptop on my desk and went about other teacher type business. He couldn't find me and asked my staffroom buddy where she thought I might be - her reply, "Oh dear, she's cut the umbilical cord..."

I should be offended by that, but strangely I'm not. I have no issue being overly attached to my laptop and through it the internet and my many social networks - school, private, local, national or even international. My only… Continue

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