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21 Touches

We depend upon the fine products, services and information that we obtain from reputable vendors and manufacturers -- we depend upon them for the success of our organizations. Then why is it that so many encounters with sales reps leave us feeling, well, cheap?

This week, Joe Schuch follows up Anita's cheeky dance story (about how salesmen stopped phoning her once they discovered she had no…


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Of Dance Hall Cuties and Well Endowed Colleges

This week, Anita Vidwell takes a break from the fiscal equivalent of being frozen in carbonite to go out salsa dancing with her sister-in-law.

With her unique and quirky charm, Anita shares some lessons learned about mojitos, Paul McCartney, and the sweet nothings that AV salesmen no longer whisper in her ear.

A humorous story I think we can all identify with at… Continue

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One Word for 2010

With the year winding down, we asked a few of AV-1's thoughtful insiders to sum up the year in one word. And, while at it, we asked what one word they wish to be able to claim as 2011's "One Word" at the end of the coming year. Get the full scoop at At the end of this article, use the comments tool…


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Survey: Projector Freeze

Recently in a thread on the AV-1 forum, many members indicated that they had encountered difficulties with projectors locking up. This week, our official Surveyologist, Scott Tiner, checks in to see if AV-1 might be able to approach the manufacturers for a solution on behalf of the AV-1 community. Please take a moment to complete our projector/control system malfunction…


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Good: Hal Meeks' iPad Report

The iPad represents the shift from computer platform to computing appliance. There are many examples of this now, but the iPad represents the most blatant.

This week, join NCSU's Hal Meeks at AV-1 as he shares his first month with an iPad.…


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Must-see sessions and more at EduComm 2010

EduComm 2010

This June in Las Vegas, EduComm brings together top

thought leaders, innovators, and speakers to present, discuss, and navigate the

unprecedented challenges and opportunities shaping the future of higher



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The No-Go Podium

Let's get right to it: most designs for classroom technology are based on a 20-year old paradigm of furniture, cables and pipes (and lots of equipment). While continuing to

replicate these dinosaurs may serve to ensure job security (for now), this

model requires heavy infrastructure that

adds cost and locks the room into a rigid floorplan that does not support

progressive teaching and learning practice.

This week, Joe Schuch delivers…


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Change and Trust

Click here to read the full article on the AV-1.insider! These days, trust is not optional. Trust is a prerequisite.

This week, Dartmouth's Greg Wadlinger draws from personal experience, current events, and organizational theory to illustrate how Trust is a prerequisite for Change.…


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DIY Lifecycle Planning

Ernie Adams (no relation to Ernie Bailey) as Toothpick Charlie (purveyor of another type of "lifecycle business"), from BRENDA STARR, REPORTER (Columbia, 1945)... click here to read intro at AV-1.insider

It starts like this:

There was a monastery in Greece that was built on top of a very steep precipice. The only access was by a basket on a long rope, pulled by a monk on top. A visitor riding up to the top looked at the aged rope and asked his host how often the rope was replaced. The monk thought a moment…

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Innovation and Change: Why Bother?

Read the full article here.

This week, Joe Schuch shares some observations rooted in the process for change implemented at UNC. It concludes with a few simple steps to help get you started so that you can begin to make change-that-sticks in your organization.…


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AV-1 Salary & Education Survey Results

Nicely Done! Over 200 people -- better than 1/3 of all AV-1 members -- responded to the second AV-1 survey (Salary and Education). Significant sample data such as these enable us to feel comfortable suggesting that some of these statistics fairly represent the learning space microcosm, as a whole. (We expect that you will let us know otherwise!)

Later this week, we'll share some organizational demographics gleaned from your responses, however, today…


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AV-1 Survey: Salary, Education and Learning Space Stewardship

Take salary and education survey now! The AV-1 community is based upon the belief that successful stewardship of learning ecosystems includes those engaged in every facet from planning and design to management and support.

Because of your participation, AV-1 is the first place to browse for insights, support, occasional LOLs and, sure, even a little moaning and groaning.…


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VCR phase-out survey results posted at

VCR survey results on AV-1 Tech managers from around the globe chime in for VCR phase-out survey at

130 respondents offered a few surprises...

79% of us still have VCRs in up to 75% of our rooms. (Doesn't that seem like quite a lot of VCRs still in service?)

Only 34% of us have any sort of plan in place to end-of-life VCRs. (An artifact of fiscal hard-times or evidence of a…


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AV-1 Survey: VHS End-of-Life

Take the survey... just FIVE quick questions! This week, Scott Tiner, Classroom Technologist from Bates College poses the question to the AV-1 community, "How do classroom planners and technology managers deal with the inevitable…


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$99 DIY Smartboard

Click for full article There is no denying the appeal of interactive whiteboards: to interact directly with the image transcends the mouse-and-keyboard experience, opening opportunities for memorable learning experiences.

What if you could get most of what you needed for less than $100 instead of $2k-10k for an off-the-shelf smartboard? Might that be good enough?…


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