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Dec 7 -- Digital Inequity

When I think about it, the "digital divide" is amazing. The second paper we read for today (eSchool News 7/7/08 Educators wrestle with digital-equity challenges) had some amazing stats: 1) 80% of websites are in English but only 10% of the world speaks it (how much is Spanish or Chinese?); 2) broadband costs only 2% of income for high-income opulations but 900% for poor; 3) 82% of Americans (I'm assuming that's USA North Americans) own cells phones (74% Anglo, 71% Af-Am, 84% Hispanic -- but… Continue

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Getting ready for class

Actually today is a fine day, even with the rain.

My question is "What is cyberinfrastructure really?"


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Sunday Night and the Paper Ain't Done, yet!

Just a placeholder, really....

Am working on other projects, nothing yet.

Remember: Some schools think more is more--arrugh!

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Nov 10 Readings: Fishman; Carrigg, Honey & Thorpe

The key theme in these two readings seems to be the necessity of making sure that collaboration between those planning scaling and those implementing scaling.

I'm really glad we read these two pieces, especially Carrigg, Honey & Thorpe. These provide concrete examples of how to get a reform to work. They also answer my previous question of "can schools be retrofit?" The answer now seems to be "yes, but with a long-term plan that emphasizes ground-up scaling with local… Continue

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Additional thoughts from Disrupting Class

Should computers be the focus of all activity? They can certainly connect people in far distant place, and provide curriculum that local sources are not able to provide. (This is the "why AP is good" argument.)

What about socialization ?? Children socialized to computers are not socialized to each other!

There are subtle social cues that one learns only from in the flesh interaction. Let me let you about the 18 year olds who "invade space"!

Education is a PUBLIC GOOD.… Continue

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Disruptive technology? Cell phone!

The more I think about it, the cell phone must be the emerging technology with the greatest diruptive potential. Now that cell phones are well underway to becoming both ubiquitous and high powered (check out the G3 and other iPhones!) -- truly the tricorder of "Star Trek" fame-- they can do a lot in the classroom too, if properly programmed.

"Properly programmed"?!? That's a biggie, I admit! Like the handhelds in the MUVE "River City", cell phones should be able to access data about… Continue

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T561 Oct 26 -- Christensen Chap 9

Chap 9 is the summary chapter of the book. Of course, it is the call to action piece.

It's main point is to argue that change is hard to do from within. To change from within, a business needs to "separate" -- i.e., create a unit of the corporation whose job it is to innovate and not be bothered by corporate.

C mentions four differnt types of problems and solution "teams" for them: functional,lightweight, heavywegiht, and autonomous business unit. Heavryweight is the… Continue

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T561 Oct 26 -- Biologica

Ok, I'll admit this up front -- I haven't looked at the actual simulation yet-- something about extra walking on a bum knee that made me pass out and miss lab last Monday-- arrugh.....!

Now to the article: I like the concept of hypermodel-- it sounds like what any educational exercise should be -- interconnected and relatable (to each) other souces of information in a variety of media. A good podcast should be this, as should a webpage, no?

As for the simulation itself,… Continue

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