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Give a PE Teacher at your school a kick start...PLEASE

As im sure a lot of you are aware, Phys Ed teachers are notorious for being dinosaurs, often stuck in the past and refusing to accept new ways of moving their craft forward. If you know someone who could benefit by reading the easy to follow eBook I have prepared, please forward them the info below.


"The book is titled ’100+ ways to use technology in Physical Education’ and is a compilation of articles and ideas which have yet to be published on this blog, as well as…


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Wearing a Nintendo Wiimote to Record PHYSICAL ACTIVITY

During 2011 I will be conducting a laboratory activity with senior physical education students that focuses on using subjective and objective measures of physical activity. Some of the common measures include

  • Self Reports such as diaries and logbooks
  • Heart Rate monitors
  • Pedometers

However the senior VCE Physical Education course requires students to understand how accelerometers could also be used to analyse physical activity. This is a big…


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How To Run A 3D Maths Test

As some of you may be aware I have been teaching a maths unit this semester, which although is out of my usual subject area of Phys Ed, Is probably shaping up to be one of my favourite classes. The unit is called ‘Space and Measurement’ and basically focuses on teaching perimeter, area and volume with a really strong emphasis on making the lessons hands on. With that last point in mind Ive tried to steer clear of the traditional approach to teaching maths and have moved towards running… Continue

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Awesome Fun with a Bluetooth File Server In My Classroom and how you can do the same

Today during my senior Outdoor & Environmental Studies class we begun looking at the different motivations or reasons people choose to participate within outdoor experiences in natural environments. This part of the course is usually quite exciting as it lets the students share their own experiences. Anyway I’ve been looking for a genuine reason to utilise a Blue tooth server within the classroom and today was always going to be a great opportunity, here’s how it happened

I… Continue

Added by Jarrod Robinson on February 16, 2009 at 3:18am — 1 Comment

Video Tutorial on How To Use a Nintendo Wiimote Whiteboard in your Classroom

Hey everyone thought id share how ive been using a nintendo wiimote whiteboard in my classes. The video also explains how to go about setting it up and a few other helpful hints and tips. I seriously recommend taking the time to investigate this low cost option futher even if you have tonnes of Interactive Whiteboards in your school.

In the video i show you how you can easily use it in conjunction with bluetooth and mobile… Continue

Added by Jarrod Robinson on December 15, 2008 at 3:00am — 3 Comments

My Students Using Mobile Audio Blogging On Their Next Camp

Students in my VCE Unit 2 Outdoor & Environmental Studies class will be using their mobile phones while on our next overnight camp to Halls Gap & the Grampians. They will use them to record their thoughts, make notes on human impacts, while also reflecting on the days events & activities. The information gathered during the camp will form the basis for the final assessment that will be completed on return. They will also interview a… Continue

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The Power of Nintendo DS

For the past month I have been using a set of Nintendo DS systems within the Alternative Program class that I teach here at Boort Secondary College. The program is run during the normal scheduled French class and is aimed at improving the literacy and numeracy skills of the students. Each week we set time for a variety of activities including homework catchup and skill builders over a variety of subjects along with a double period working on a community or school based project. Across the… Continue

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A New Bag Of Tricks

What a busy first week it has proven to be, but all the same its been highly enjoyable especially when trialing some new tools in my classes. So here they are....


Very simple little site that allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a flash. Although it is hardly the most polished of perfect application, it does produce some really engaging content. It also lets you embed your creations into web pages or blogs for easy… Continue

Added by Jarrod Robinson on October 10, 2008 at 6:30pm — 3 Comments

How to get instant feedback from your students

Occasionally you come across a tool that gets you excited, gets you flowing with ideas and this next one certainly fits the criteria


Once signing up for a free account this website allows you to create online polls using a multiple choice format. Within a few minutes you will have created your first poll, ready for download via a PowerPoint slideshow document.…


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My First Virtual Guest Speaker

I love the school days were you wake up super excited about the day ahead, today was most definately one of those days. I was lucky enough to have an expert in the field of Sports Nutrition speak to my students for an entire 30 minutes. So how is this different to a normal guest speaker you may ask? Well its simply because we were seperated by over 200km…..

Thanks to the completely free program Skype, which is used for video confrencing this was able to occur. Sure Video confrencing… Continue

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Techno Kids

On fathers day I decided to take dad out for a meal at a local eatery. My younger four year old half sister also came along, which was good as I rarely get a chance to catch up with her. From the moment she walked in I was blown away by how mature she appeared, this was compouded by the fact that the last time I saw her was probably 6 months prior. After lunch she reached into her bag and pulled out a camera, which at first I thought… Continue

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