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Blogging About Google Apps

There are some many amazing and creative ways that Google Apps can help aid educators in their daily lives. Besides the ease of use, Google Apps can assist me in being a more effective educator by saving valuable time. With tools like Google Calendar, I can facilitate multiple schedules including: my private life, professional life, and everything in between. Google Apps also helps me be an effective teacher by supplying tools to create presentations, documents, forms, assessments, websites,… Continue

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Experiencing Free and Open Source Courses

Experiencing Free and Open Source Courses

            I have previously enrolled and completed a free course from Ed Web on Electronic Technology Tools Integrated in Literacy Lessons.  The next course I will be completing with Edweb is Mathematics Meets Technology presented by Emily Fitzpatrick.  She is a teacher in Orangeville District Secondary School.  These courses are entirely free and even count towards professional development.  The design of this course is…


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Virtual Realities Blog

Now that I have researched the opposing viewpoint, while my opinion is still against virtual learning being the better than regular classroom instruction. It has softened to the idea of utilizing virtual realities. While I feel more open to the integration of virtual worlds in my classroom, I believe it is crucial to allow students time to be creative in the real world and make real life experiences. I would definitely use virtual worlds in my classroom, but sparingly, using clear directions… Continue

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Social Networking & Digital Citizenship

What have I learned that I was not previously aware of?

I definitely learned more on the criteria behind an education friendly social network.  Which is incredibly helpful when evaluating whether or not I want to invest time and money in a particular social network.  I specifically gained guiding questions that will aid in determining which social network is of the highest benefit, most student friendly, and safest for protecting student and teacher information.…


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Acceptable Use Policies

In 2006, the Virginia Department of Education saw the need for clear guidelines to safeguard students using technology and internet while in school. The state legislature created the Acceptable Use Policy that would undergo revisions every two years. Legislation was developed and approved by the general assembly. The bill went on to be signed by Governor Kaine of Virginia, it was then the undertaking of the individual school districts to form curriculum and guidelines to the initial…


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Improved Integration of higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy & Digital Bloom's

There are several ways to improve lesson plans by integrating the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy as well as the digital bloom.  I could simply utilize the tool, above with the adverbs that are shared to develop a well-rounded Bloom’s lesson plan.  I could write my lesson plan then go through the columns of the matrix I created and add additional Bloom’s Taxonomy components.   When I went through college for the first time, education majors were instructed to always try and…


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Blogging About Bloom and Marzano

As I reflected and researched on how Bloom’s Taxonomy and Robert Marzano’s 9 Instructional Strategies form a cohesive partnership in my life as an educator, it is apparent that these two instructional tools are more than words. Each strategy has presented a method for reaching the students I have taught , over the last four years. These strategies will continue to be apart of my teaching long into the future and directly impact how students learn and interact.

Both Bloom and Marzano… Continue

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