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EDTC 601- Week 7- Activity 4: Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses

EDTC 601- Week 7- Activity 4: Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses


                I have my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology but it has been a while since I have gone back and looked at some of the courses I was required to take.  When searching for an online class, I saw this Biology class being offered so I thought it would be interesting to take a look back.  This class is the OLI version of Modern Biology. This introductory course is…


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EDTC 601 – Week 5 -Activity 5: Discussion - Virtual Reality Blog Post


Do virtual worlds give students a better learning experience

than real world experiences?

 Having spent this time researching Virtual Reality I have decided that there needs to be a proper mix between using VR in the classroom and using traditional instruction.  I do not think students can learn everything they need to learn from VR, but I think it is a great learning tool.  If a teacher can find good VR content for their classroom, then the teacher should plan to use…


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EDTC 601 – Week 4 - Activity 7: Project - Blogging about Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

Before studying social networking, I knew what it was, but I did not have an account and I had not given a whole lot of thought to using it with students.  I had considered having high school students use this tool to discuss teen suicide, but I had not had the opportunity to actually try the lesson. Even though I still have not actually used the lesson plan with

students, I have a good feeling about trying this format with 5thgrade students to discuss bullying. Bullying is…


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Activity 1: Discussion - Project - Blogging about Acceptable Use Policies

     The first on NEA's 6 key elements is a Preamble.  The Preamble should include a section explaining why, its goals, and the process about developing the policy.  D11's preamble includes an explanation and a reason why, but it does not say anything about the process of how the agreement was developed.

     The next NEA requirement is a definition section.  This should include an explanation of key terms and explain the educational purpose.  The D11 AUP does not discuss any key…


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EDTC 601 - Week 2 -Activity 5: Project - Blogging about Bloom and Marzano

Blogging about Bloom and Marzano

In this post I will discuss, ‘How will your knowledge about Bloom's taxonomy and Marzano's research affect your lesson planning? How could you improve or change them to be more effective?  How could you share your new information with your colleagues to possibly enhance their teaching practice? What is the most important information you would want to…


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EDTC 601 – Week 2 - Activity 3: Project - Investigating Bloom's Taxonomy

The following attachment is the file with my Bloom's comparison chart and the information about my lesson.




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