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Best Practices in Educational Blogging

Student Norms

  • have students and parents sign a district and/or classroom created AUP
  • determine consequences for failing to adhere to the AUP
  • review Internet safety procedures
  • review of socially acceptable blog posts
  • review of types of information that is not acceptable or safe to share on the Internet…


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21st Century Classrooms and Learning

I feel that there is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to a 21st Century Classroom.  In my experience, many people equate 21st Century classrooms and learning with the use of technology.  I have to admit that I too was initially confused.  Many think that by using technology, they are creating a "21st Century Classroom."  However, this is often not te case.  When used correctly, technology can enhance and contribute to a 21st Century Classroom.  Technology is not a stand alone; it must…


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10 More Ways to Use Blogs in Your Classroom

1. Instead of having students hand write their writing homework each night, have them post their writing to a blog so that other students can read what they wrote and share comments. 

Blogging? It's Elementary, My Dear Watson!  


2. Have students have literature discussions via a blog so the conversations can take place from different classrooms and can continue at home.…


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Google Apps

I have been using Google and Google Aps in my classroom and with my students for the past two years.  Each year I use Google, I am able to incorporate more of the Apps into my teaching.  My district has issued each student a Google account.  This has made the difference in using Google Apps with my students. 

Last year I utilized Google Docs in many aspects of my teaching.  I started the year with basis documents and taught my students how to share these with me.  From there the…


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Free/Open Source Course

I took an Elementary French I course through the Open Learning Initiative.   I have been to France several times and am planning on going back in the next year.  However, I took Spanish in high school and stumbled around France using that knowledge and a smile.  I have often talked about taking a French class to help me on my future travels.  So, I thought this was a great opportunity.  While I only took the first lesson in this course, I think I will be revisiting it.

This course is…


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Virtual Reality

After looking at and reading about both sides of the argument, my feelings about virtual reality use in the classroom had not changed.  Just like most other things we have access to and have been introduced to in the world of education, there is a time and a place for everything.   I can usually find the place, but the trick comes in finding the time to implement these tools.  

I do not think that virtual realities should replace live interactions.  I have decided that in most cases,…


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Social Networking

            Before this week, I primarily thought of Social Networking as something you did at home, on your personal time, regarding personal things.  At least, that was my experience with social networking.  This week has brought to light that blogging is a form of social networking.  While I have not blogged with my students, I know many teachers who have and have had great things to say about it.  Through blogs teachers and students are able to communicate with each other and others from…


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Acceptable Use Policy

My district has done a great job of including all parts of an AUP in their policy.  The preamble is very explicit and clearly defines the need for such a policy.  They fully support the need for students to have access the Internet and other technological resources.  I have noticed that we do not have a definitions section.  Our policy section is very explicit and thorough and includes all types of technologies that the students may have access to.  It also alludes to changes that may happen…


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Bloom and Marzano

I have come to the realization over the past week that there are some of Marzano's strategies that I use often, and some that I rarely use.  I am better at some and still struggle with others.  I tend to continue to use the ones I am better at more often.  It is going to be a goal of mine this year to explore the strategies that have beaten me in the past.  Moving forward this year, I am going to make a more conscious effort to guide my students through goal setting.  I think that if I can…


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