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With fresh inspiration from a course I just finished here at Stanford on "Casual Learning Technologies for the iPhone" in which we designed casual apps for kids and adults, I've authored a 2-part article for Smartbean. The first is a brief discussion of research on the power of learning through games (including Gee's principles on "good learning" with well-designed games) -… Continue

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Redefining "success" to raise heathier, happier kids

I recently authored this piece for the SmartBean magazine, and thought I'd share it here - Redefining “Success” to Raise Healthier, Happier Kids. I think it's an important message that needs to get out, so that everyone can work together to de-stress our middle and high schoolers - not just parents, but teachers, schools and communities as well.

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"I Am What I Learn" ED's Student Video Content for middle and high schoolers

Sounds like a great idea. Obama and Arne Duncan seem to be shaking things up - the web 2.0 way! This contest is in partnership with Youtube! Details here -

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Adult Learners – How Do You Reach Them?

Here's a decent read for tips on TPD based on principles of andragogy..

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Connectivism & Networked Learning

[Cross posted on Education Musings]

I spend much of my time reading, writing, discussing, and blogging about ideas around the broad theme of 21st Century learning. More specifically,… Continue

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BORN DIGITAL Attempts to Make Sense of Digital Natives

[Cross-posted on Education Musings]

Seven years ago, Marc Prensky authored a seminal article titled Digital Natives, Digital… Continue

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Notes from NECC

I was at the EduBloggerCon and NECC in San Antonio that concluded last week. Here are some blog posts, esp. for those who missed it...

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I came across this really cool tool for making snazzy videos in a matter of minutes, and just had to share it here!

It's called Animoto, and all it requires is for the user to upload a bunch of pictures, select a piece of music (from their vast selection) and VOILA! out comes a short video (the only kind allowed in the free version of Animoto) thanks to this really cool "web application that automatically generates professionally… Continue

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Randy Pausch Lives On In Alice

(Cross-posted on Education Musings)

Or I should say "Randy Pausch will live on in Alice".

55 minutes or so into his now famous "last lecture" (more on that lecture later), Randy Pausch (47-year old terminally ill star professor of Virtual Reality at Carnegie Mellon) states

"To the extent that someone can live on in something, I… Continue

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Are We Ready to Leverage 1:1 Computing in Schools?

(Cross-posted on Education Musings)

Looks like HP is the latest entrant in the "classroom laptop" market. With the "Mini-Note", HP joins Intel (Classmate PC), the OLPC (XO Laptop), and Asustek (Eee PC) to bring lightweight, functional computers in the hands (laps?) of children in classrooms around… Continue

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