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Online Education

I’ve been taking a number of classes online through websites like Coursera and the MIT Opencourseware. While the MIT courses are entirely self-paced, the Coursera classes are done in real-time and vary from 2-weeks to 12-weeks in length. The one I’m currently taking is about algorithms and programming in Java. It’s run by teacher assistants, alongside the professor, and is exceptionally well-designed. The site itself is easily navigated, well maintained, and can be viewed from just about any…


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Views on VR

It was very difficult to find any information in opposition to virtual reality. Most of what I found were asides in pro-VR papers talking about the possible loss of actual human interaction and how if the VR world fails to adequately represent the real world it can cause problems for those that rely on it as a teaching tool. After doing the research I am even more convinced that VR will be a useful component of future education.

The VR worlds can offer a number of things that…


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Digital Citizenship

In the last few years of teaching I have noticed that even though these are students that have grown up in the digital age they are still woefully unaware of how to act and maintain their safety on the net. This comes in the many forms, from unintentionally installing malware or spyware to divulging passwords to friends and even to online strangers. This unit has made me more aware of the needs of a clearly worded and straightforward digital citizenship document that all students need to be…


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My school does not have a specific AUP, but covers rules for computer and electronic throughout the handbook. There is a code of conduct for the students as a whole, but no section specifically for computers. 


Due to a lack of an AUP there is no definition section. I think the lack of definitions stems from most of our students being fairly technologically adept. I would say at least 90% of them have smart phones and/or a laptop that they bring to school. They regularly use…


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Bloom's and Marzano's at my present school.


      I’ve had a fair comprehension of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Marzano’s Strategies since I began my teacher’s training years ago, though the Digital Taxonomy is something I’m relatively new to.  In past work environments we used Bloom’s terminology to create scaffolded lessons, working our way up to the creation stage in each class as well as throughout a unit. While Bloom’s was something we consciously did I found that Marzano’s was more something that came as a natural byproduct.…


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Reflection on Bloom's Taxonomy and my current lesson

This lesson could be improved in a variety of ways to best fit with the Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Since collaboration is stressed, it would be best to start with that, creating a task list and specific assignments within a group. A group would be composed of 3-4 students, each with a job and a list of tasks to be completed. Using this you can create self-checks and a system of cooperation whereby each student knows exactly what they, and the others, are accountable for. Have them post these…


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Word Clouds

This is my Classroom 2.0 Blog for EDTC601. 

Here are my two word clouds: I couldn't get wordle to work, so I used this instead. 

Blog: http://worditout.com/word-cloud/149338

Wiki: http://worditout.com/word-cloud/149337

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