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High School Progress Teams

Yesterday I spent the day at Copper Hills high school at the High School Progress Team meetings. I have been involved in these three-time-a-year

meetings for the past three years, and, although I don't like to leave

my classroom in the hands of a substitute teacher, they are really


Every high… Continue

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Guilt and EduBloggerWorld

After reading Draper's latest post, I thought a little bit about it and had to admit feeling a LITTLE guilty about my lack of participation. I think these social forums are fantastic ways to share ideas, and realized I haven't… Continue

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Back to School: The Real Deal

Well, back full-time for the first week. I'd forgotten how much energy it takes, and how tired I'd be by the end of the week. I also had forgotten what energy can be drawn from interacting with 2,000 excited youngsters!

Us veterans were given seniors for… Continue

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Back in the Saddle...

Well, summer's over, and it's time to ratchet up the educational energy
level to classroom teaching mode, again. After constructing and
conducting our faculty first days Professional Development Days
activities, based on this summer's Professional Learning Community
Institutes, it's good to be back...I LOVE this gig, and can't imagine
ever doing anything else...well, I guess I never really have.

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Reality Check...

Draper gave me a virtual dope-slap (if you don't listen to Car Talk

with Click and Clack-The Tappet Brothers on NPR Saturday and/or Sunday

mornings, you're DEFINiTELY spending too much time on Twitter) a

couple of weeks ago concerning the reality(ies) of not only supplying

our STUDENTS with the technical support they need, but the TECHNOLOGY

SUPPORT to keep it up and a 'novice' Techno-Weenie on… Continue

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Oh, the Photos...

The young lady is my daughter, the absolute LOVE of my life...she's giving a swimming lesson here, because at one time she was one of the fastest of her kind on the face of the planet, and the dolphin would do well to listen carefully...the other is my summer 'hobby'...building Adirondack furniture...and this is not ordinary stuff, folks...I drive to Beaver, Utah (3 hours south...) and have the LOGS sawn up individually and planed to 1" thickness 200 to 300 board feet at a time, then I drive it… Continue

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New Stuff

Well, since mid-June I have been blogging along (laubsblog) and learning a career educator (33 years) I have been guided (dragged is more like it...) into the field of Educational Technology by well meaning mentors (Darren Draper, most noteworthy...) and awakened to the possibilities of ALL I learning fast. But, even though it is boggling my mind, I love teaching enough… Continue

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