BLOG 7 Chapter 12 In-service Education

TPCK in In-serviced education

Assisting experienced teachers with technology is an issue that must be addressed.

The chapter states that Teaching is like jazz, a well practiced fusion of careful creative planning and spontaneous improvisation that is definitely needed.

There is no single technological solution that applies to every course, or every view of teaching for every teacher. The author points out that… Continue

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Blog 6

Blog Entry 6

To facilitate the research and design of your web 2.0 class web site, please interview your colleagues, students, their parents and, if possible, your principal about what to include in a course web site. If your school or district has a technology integration specialist, arrange to interview him or her.

Your summaries and discussions of these interviews are to inform the discussion topic of a next blog entry.


Parents want access as to what… Continue

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blog #5

Blog 5

As a teacher, what range of Web 2.0 applications do you need to integrate into your web presence? What are your goals? What are your students’ needs? How best to facilitate communications with your students and their parents? What about your principal’s expectations and/or concerns?

The answers to these and other questions are to inform the discussion topic of a next blog entry.

Just recently, I just conducted our state of the schools address. One of the… Continue

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web log 4

Web log 4

Remix means to take cultural artifacts and combine and manipulate them

Into new kinds of creative blends. Until recently, it mainly referred to us-

ing audio-editing techniques to produce "an alternative mix of a recorded

song that differed from the original.

Lessig (2005) argues that digital remix constitutes a contemporary form

of writing on the scale of a mass cultural practice and raises issues demanding

serious reform of current copyright… Continue

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The question deals with how can one control one's perception with a picture?There is always that processing of ongoing assessment. We talked about constraint.

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Weblog 3

Reflections on readings in regards to project tomorrow

Students are so involved in the way they communicate with each other, the pop worlds text messaging and myspace. Students have so many ways and avenues to communicate.

Notes about Chapter 4

Tagging is all about using words to categorize and describe content. As a result of fact, a new term, folksonomy, was coined as a result of the practice of tagging in an online environment.(Braun) Tagging enables… Continue

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web log 2 continued

These readings help start the thinking process for our project tomorrow . It is essential to have a thorough understanding of how students learn and the student's perception of how they learn. After the readings, I find myself wanting to be more in tune with the ways my students learn and process information. I have also discovered that I learn in very similar ways to many of my students. For example, I like rigorous instruction in which there is a variety of things going on in the classrooms.… Continue

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web log 2

Web log 2:

Chapter 1 what is literacy really

How one defines literacy often depends upon personal perspectives. Does everyone mean the same thing when using the word literacy? (Braun)

Literacy means different thing to individuals. There are so many avenues in which one can engage and explore literacy.

Literacy today with technology is so different than 10 years ago. (Braun)

Students and teens in particular, are able to pick up… Continue

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WebLog 1: Introductory SURVEY

Personal information

1.Name, hometown, primary email.

Sheldon C. Smith, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121

2. What name do you prefer to be called? Sheldon

3. Undergraduate and graduate degree(s), education license(s), current employment: grade level, subject(s) if applicable, district.

I graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga in 1988. I received my B. Arts degree in Communications, with a… Continue

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