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"The Achievement Gap" and real impacts

This week I'm writing a series on technology and "The Achievement Gap"

on my social desktop. This is the third part of the series which takes

concepts introduced by "'The Achievement Gap' and culture", and

distinguishes between established methods for addressing the problem

and making real changes. In my last article I promised to go more into

technology, but it seems that the problem I'm addressing needs more

distinction… Continue

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"The Achievement Gap" and culture

This week I'm writing a series on technology and "The Achievement Gap" on my social desktop.

This is the second part of the series which takes concepts introduced by

"The Achievement Gap" and puts them into a larger cultural context.

Administrators and educators in the United States are faced with

balancing federal mandates like the "No Child Left Behind Act" and

state concerns… Continue

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The Achievement Gap

This week I'm writing a series on technology and "The Achievement Gap" on my social desktop.

This is the first part of the series which introduces the concept of

"The Achievement Gap" and some methods high level administrators are

using to combat the problem.

"The Achievement Gap" is a theory that observes educational performance

of children in the United States in… Continue

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Tough Choices or Tough Times

There does seem to be some evidence that shows US schools are starting to lose competitive edge internationally.


swiftly rising number of American workers at every skill level are in

direct competition with workers in every corner of the globe. While our

international counterparts are increasingly getting more education,

their young people are getting a better education as well. American

students and young adults place anywhere from the middle to the… Continue

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Reaching out from the professional sector to educators

I'm working to promote international collaborations between educators.

Over the last week I've put up a site where educators can register for

what I've been calling the International Educators Collaborative.

It's still a little vague what that means because the more I talk to

educators about it the more the idea starts shift and come into greater

focus. My real purpose is to establish a means for educators to use the

web… Continue

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Integrating technology into education

This was a rather long forum post I made that I thought might do better as a blog post.

I think the biggest disconnect with teachers comes when a technological medium requires too much time to understand or maintain. That's

probably part of the enthusiasm behind social networking; you have a

profile page that says who you are and then you can go about

communicating with people who are online in real time. It's simple and

requires no technological knowledge or… Continue

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Making connections across networks

I want to write a little bit more about the database I've put online

for educators that want to collaborate directly with other classrooms.

I got the idea from interacting with teachers on ning. I've been trying to contact as many teachers as possible through many networks

and it dawned on me that I'm making connections that a lot of educators

need but can't make on their own because they don't have the time. I

also noticed that a database of these people doesn't… Continue

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International Education Collaboration

Many teachers are becoming aware of the advantages of connecting with

international classrooms. Resources for connecting and facilitating

these exchanges are at best crude. Examples of these technologies are

Twitter, email, Skype, Second Life, IM, wikis, blogs, and GTalk. While

each of these… Continue

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International Teachers Collaborative Database

Today I got the International Teachers Collaborative Database online.

If you go to http://www.oratiobrevis.com and fill out the short survey

I'll be able to get you in touch with a teacher who wants to

collaborate with your classroom. It's also a way for me to keep track

of all the educators I've been getting in touch with.

Even if you think I already have all your information there may be something missing in my records. Also, by putting your information… Continue

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Online Field Trip Collective

An idea has been proposed by an educator I'm in contact with to share

field trips among classrooms online. The classroom collaboration is

intended to increase student exposure to locations, history, and ideas

otherwise not geographically available. This concept of touring the

real world using… Continue

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Film Review "The Fog of War"

This is a review of the Documentary "The Fog of War". It's from my blog page on christonium.

The entire film can be viewed by searching for "The Fog of War" on Google Video.

Cohesion : 9

Composition : 10

Contrast : 8

Dynamics : 9

Humor : 1

Intelligence : 7

Production : 9

Quality : 9

Cohesion : 9

"The Fog of War" is a seriously entertaining interview… Continue

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An open letter to Mark, a teacher.

I just wrote this letter to a teacher on Ning and I thought I would share it here.


I'm looking for Beta testers for web application I'm working on located at http://christonium.com. I've singled you out because you're obviously trying to start a education focused community here and I think christonium is an ideal solution for long term education development and personal…


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