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Loose Cannon on the Deck of the Good Ship Politically Incorrect

I started a new blog. It is totally independent of any ties to my school or school district. I can say things there without concern for self-censoring material inappropriate for a "public servant" to say.

It's just a place where anyone can come to express what they REALLY think.

Come check it out at

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Shannon 2.0 - A Progress Report »

Our move toward Everything 2.0 is on-track. Actually, I believe we are actually ahead of schedule. Last year I outlined where I wanted us to be when it came to making progress in implementing Web 2.0 awareness and practices.

Staff volunteered for late Friday afternoon inservice - THAT’s dedication!

Below are two slides I prepared last year which listed all the objectives I could think of…


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You Can’t Cuddle Up with a Computer »

[an addendum to the Paperless Chronicles] [don't miss Part III posted below]


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Learner Permits - Let’s Go for Our First Flashdrive »

[The Paperless Chronicles Part III]

We spent today getting flashdrives ready for the staff. When the staff reports to work for the first time on Monday they will receive one piece of paper with instructions for the week. One of the instructions is about…


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The Check is in the Mail

[The Paperless Chronicles Part II]

Since the beginning of man’s earliest attempts at communication, there have been MISSED-communications. Throughout the ages we have become excellent at making up excuses for our missed and mis-communications. Some have become so common, they have actually become clichés - such as “the check is in the mail.”



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Paperwork Reduction – One Step Toward Campus 2.0 »

As mentioned in previous posts, I worked this summer on reconfiguring my office to be a paperless environment. The work on the office is now complete, and I am already receiving a favorable response from staff. One of the first things they comment on is the new overall appearance of the office itself. All file cabinets and my desk have been removed, creating a space that is more of a conversation area than traditional office.…


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Campus Improvement Plans - Let's Get Real

[cross posted at]

Let’s be honest, there are only two reasons we write Campus Improvement Plans.

Reason Number One, because we are required to by Central Administration. How many Campus Improvement Plans have been written in the past few years? How many reams of paper, administrative hours, even valuable teaching time has been lost meeting, reaching consensus,…


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Showdown at Bloggybottom

[cross posted at]

What are the top 10 inventions of history?

Take your pick…here’s Encyclopedia Britannica's Greatest Inventions.

It’s fun reading…I mean, afterall, WHO considers the bikini an “invention”? Anyway, we can always narrow down the lists by imposing some purely…


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Student Access - Safeguarding or Censorship?

Please see the issue I posted over on the FORUM page...

I would appreciate some input on this issue.

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Getting Caught Up

Being new to Classroom 2.0, I am still playing catch-up...learning how to make friends, how to respond to invites, etc.

Until I get up-to-speed, I'd like to invite everyone over to my blog...reading it will definitely give you an idea as to my interests, world-view, and definitely-off-center sense of humor.

For all those I invited to "be a friend" - it was pretty random, but there was a pattern (of… Continue

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