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Ten things you should do before the Global Education Conference

With just a week to go before possibly the biggest and most ambitious conference in the world - the Global Education Conference 2010, it is time to get organised. Here are 10 things that you should do!

  1. Choose the sessions that you would like to attend at…

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Ten Reasons to Attend the Global Education Conference 2010

As I write this post, there are 10 days to the start of this amazing and almost incredulous event. The number ten in English is more commonly written as 10 and some significance could be read into this. The number 10 is made up of two digits, and could be interpreted as :- the 0 represents our globe and the number 1 represents our membership of one global community. As…


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Conference presentations

This last month has been a really busy one with three conference presentations given. They are added below:-

1."Connecting an early years classroom" at Slide to Open, VITTA, Melbourne

2. "Beyond classroom walls" at LT2009 in Moolaba, Queensland

3.… Continue

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Using elluminate in the classroom

Having used elluminate for 12 months for regular global staff meetings, online conferences and online professional development, it has only been this year, that I have used it with students and realised its potential application for being the way to go for 21st century education for middle to senior school students.

Various benefactor organizations, and the… Continue

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Netbooks for Students

Through a series of grants and funding, my school, Hawkesdale P12 College has purchased a set of 16 acer aspire ones, 1gb ram, 120gb rom for mobile use by staff and students. The increasing use of web2.0 tools and technological access has placed huge demand on our computer lab and pod. At any one time there could be a combination of students from up to 4 classes in the computer lab, when space is available. Staff try to get timetabled into… Continue

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Live blogging in education

Live blogging using coveritlive

-is user friendly

-enables real time interaction

-allows chat in a moderated environment. Producers have full rights to moderate or block if necessary any comments received.

-allows polls to be set up quickly for quick feedback and variety

-will allow insertion of mp3 files, images and videos

-has a text toolbar

-is free and can be embedded into a blog, wiki or ning

-Stays… Continue

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Amazing connections from classroom20

Tonight I was on the computer late at night, trying to get organized for my two days in Melbourne, when a foreign language popped up on my screen, from my skype window. However, the text was in English and my first name was used. I quickly realised that this must be my newly acquired friend from classroom20 who was looking for schools to videoconference with. It was Ekaterina Zhdanova from Russia. How exciting is that!

She had just bought a… Continue

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Around the World NOW

This is a presentation that I produced for a recent online conference, outlining various ways in which educationalists and their classes can connect to the globe.


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What makes a good quality student blog?

The first part of this post is my answer to what are the......

Features of a good quality student blog

..Good structure and layout, with appealing design and theme

..Regularly uploaded and updated posts (should be at least once a week), showing intellectual quality.

..Evidence of proof reading for accuracy, reliability and completeness.

..Appropriate language, bearing in mind digital citizenship status

..Posts of varying lengths with interestingly… Continue

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Best tool for publishing student work....

Blogging, blogging, blogging..

So, was my reply to a query on classroom2.0 recently about the best tool for online student publishing. The lively discussion has centred primarily around blogs, wikis and nings but I would like to justify in this post, the use of blogging as the number 1 tool.

A student blog is a far more personal interactive website than any of the others. It may be used for journal entries and for publishing school work across many subject areas. It… Continue

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The power of blogging for students

There have been so many success stories for my students with blogging but yesterday's example is one never to be forgotten. One of my year 10 boys has a learning disorder - he is a nice student but completes little in traditional subject areas-never a behaviour problem just rarely completes anything. Over the last two years he has been in my information technology classes as multimedia, photography and digital storytelling suit his learning styles. On commencing a blog, he was proud to upload… Continue

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My precious clustrmap

My poor little map, you started to break out in spots

Then I realised they that they were in fact good dots,

Somone was actually visiting me

So I started writing with glee!!

Giving you prime spot I put you right up at the top

But now that you are so red, you are at the bottom

However, even there you are never forgotten.

Once I had learned how to add widgets to my blog, I inserted a clustr map. The sheer delight… Continue

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Where to start with web2.0

I was asked to present at a conference for regional teachers in SW Victoria, Australia today. The conference was called "It is a digital thing" and was held at Deakin University in Warrnambool. My topic was 'where to start with web2.0' so I am sharing the powerpoint presentation that I spoke along to, for any interested parties. Please note that these are my personal opinions and based on my relatively brief experience in its use.…


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Video album from teachertube

This is just a short post, as I am trying to catch up with everything online before school starts back tomorrow. I have been camping for 10 days. However, I was really excited to find I could put my video album onto my website. I wanted to checkout the teachertube videos that I had uploaded for both myself and student work last year, but I clicked on the wrong link, thinking that I was going to read the messages that were awaiting for me to read. Instead, it took me to my home page and showed… Continue

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Happy New Year and thanks to everyone

Myspace New Years -

Just to say thank you to everyone for a wonderful 2007. I have made so many friends, learnt so much from this site, started to see my classroom walls tumble down, my staffroom walls exist no longer and start an incredible journey into the wonderful world of web…


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My top 10 web 2.0 sites for 2007

Being an absolute beginner at web 2.0, I started in June, 2007. So, I am going to reflect on the 10 web 2.0 sites that I have enjoyed using most this year. I am following the lead of my friend Chrissy, Teaching Sagitarrian who helped start me on this amazing journey. NZ Chrissy decided to blog about her favourite 5 web 2.0 in the classroom for 2007 so I will share mine with those who might be relatively new to all this.

Mine are…


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Vegemite, blue tongue lizards and cricket

A year 9 boy was carrying a box with some straw in it, down the corridor after morning recess. There was a blue tongued lizard in it. (I think it is unique to Australia). So, I asked him if he could be granted leave of absence from class to show the lizard on skype to the Korean students at Uijeonbgu Science HS near Seoul. So, after logging on, the lizard was duly shown and the Korean students could even see his little blue tongue going in and out.

Next question was what the weather…


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Getting a Little More Adventurous

My age and my conservatism still go against me and my use of web 2.0. I wish I was more adventurous especially as I want to put some widgets on the side bar of my blogs. However, I dont want to make a mistake as the whole world can see my mistakes and there is no undo button in wordpress!!! I think I will wait for school on Monday and get Jess to help me.

I tried to embed my voki in the backyards blog but despite copying the code for wordpress, it would not upload - just came up with…


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Lets get started

Whoaa!! I only joined this site 3 or 4 weeks ago and since then have been on the most amazing journey. I find it hard to believe that I can see some of the wonderful work that people are doing from other countries and that their knowledge, experience and expertise is shared so readily.

I have already contacted people to work on collaborative projects and have loved working via skype with other teachers from USA and NZ to created the shared wiki for our project. My school is reasonable…


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