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Teaching The Great Gatsby Teaching the Twenties

I recently had this article published on Ezines and I thought that I would post it here, as well. (I've developed a Google Earth unit in which students compare The Great Gatsby to the Roaring Twenties. To see more about it go to:

Do you remember reading the Great Gatsby in high school? How much of the book do you remember? If you are anything like me you… Continue

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Google Earth Lessons

I recently published an Ezine article entitled "Google Earth Lessons: Using Google Earth Layers." I thought that I would repost it here.

Have you used Google Earth to promote the highest quality teaching and learning within your classroom? Have you challenged your students to use G.E. to answer innovative and insightful questions? If not, I believe that you are missing an important and free learning tool.

At first glance, G.E. is obviously about geography. But, it is good… Continue

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The Great Gatsby and Google Earth

Yesterday I finally had some time to continue working with my new curricular unit which is a unit that challenges students to consider the relationship between F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and the Roaring Twenties, using Google Earth. I'm really excited about this unit because in addition to using Google Earth, students also have a chance to use Google 3D Warehouse and Google Sketch-up.

One of the most important themes that runs through this book is the distinction between… Continue

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Using Blogs Effectively

If I'm going to write that teachers need additional support, as I did here then it would probably make sense to offer this kind of support, to the extent that I am able.

Here's one suggestion on how a blog might be used effectively within teaching and learning. The educator, or for that matter a selected student, might post an engaging question as the actual blog post.

Lesson 1:… Continue

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Teachers Aren't Getting Enough Support

In 1995, David Tyack and Larry Cuban published a book entitled,

Tinkering toward Utopia: A Century of Public School Reform . In this book they argued that while numerous innovations had occurred within the American public school system during the Twentieth Century, most of these innovations had occurred around the… Continue

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A Pencil Lab

How bizarre would it be if a school had a pencil lab? You know, a place where classes went to use pencils, instead of having pencils available in the classroom. What about a textbook lab? Should schools have "pencil teachers" or "textbook teachers"?

If pencil labs/teachers and textbook labs/teachers sound so ridiculous why do we still have computer labs? As the First Decade of the Twenty First Century comes to an end we've come to a point when technology (computers) should not be… Continue

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Pirates of Somalia

As readers know, I have begun developing core curriculum content that takes advantage of Web 2.0 resources. These types of resources have the potential to be both engaging and edifying. I'm in the process of completing my second unit on "The Great Gatsby." You'll see more information about the first unit that I developed here. Both of these units use Google Earth.

Well, when I was contemplating today's blog post, I thought about the act of Piracy… Continue

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O'Connor Supports Gaming in Education

Former Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor appears to have it right. She said, ""You're going to have greater success if you teach it in ways that [students] like to use"...According to an eSchool News article, O'Connor commented that typical students spend as much as forty hours a week in front of a screen. Twenty First Century students know how to learn digitally. Therefore, today's teachers have a responsibility… Continue

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Learning at the Passover Seder

One more post related to Passover...

Every pre-service teacher educator learns that students tend to learn in one of three different ways: auditorily, visually, and kinesthetically.

I've always been amazed at the brilliance of the rabbis who wrote the Hagaddah, the booklet that is used for the Seder, or first (and second) night Passover dinner. The learning objective for the Passover seder is to be able to demonstrate an understanding that though Jewish people,… Continue

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Passover Freedom

As you might know, tonight marks the beginning of the eight day Jewish holiday of Passover. Consider the meaning of freedom:

Traditionally, Jewish people remember the Exodus from Egypt during Passover. We are supposed to feel as if we ourselves were actually redeemed by God from Egyptian slavery. As such, we want to remember those individuals who continue to be enslaved, and highly disadvantaged, today. So, what does it mean to be free? (Teachers might consider asking their students… Continue

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Ocean Now

Ocean Now is a project led by Dr. Enric Sala to study and protect the last remaining places in the sea that are relatively untouched by humans. Enric wanted to design an expedition that readers all over the world - especially teachers and students - could follow every day.

We just launched a new website that is tracking Dr. Sala and a team of scientists over the next month as they explore the southern Line Islands in the South Pacific. Teachers and students can ask the crew… Continue

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Obama in Indiana

I've just posted a new set of discussion starters about President Obama's trip to Indiana yesterday. Here it is:

The Washington Post is running an article entitled, “Obama Returns to

Campaign Tactics to Push Stimulus Bill.” The article begins,

“President Obama took his campaign for a massive new economic

stimulus package to this hard-hit corner of Indiana Monday and urged

Congress to pass a bill ‘immediately’ to avoid the prospect of a

‘deepening disaster.’”… Continue

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My Living Textbook

I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about my Living-Textbook. This is a website that contains hundreds (maybe dozens maybe thousands, I'm not sure) of questions that I developed related to newspaper articles. I haven't been keeping this up to date, but all of the sudden I thought of a really interesting quote that I just put up on the living textbook: "Yesterday's Current Events Questions are Today's Critical Thinking Questions. Great Essay Prompts!! Wonderful ways to… Continue

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My friend sent me the following press release and I figured I would post it here. DECISION ’08 ENTERS THE CLASSROOM: NBC NEWS AND HOTCHALK LAUNCH REVOLUTIONARY DIGITAL ELECTION RESOURCE, EXCLU…

My friend sent me the following press release and I figured I would post it here.



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My Living Textbook

I'm getting very excited about the potential of my living textbook. The textbook contains hundreds of questions designed to promote discussion about current events. I'm hoping that other bloggers will send me suggestions as to how I can continuously improve this living textbook. One idea that I came up with this morning is including a question from a different newsmaker every day. We'll see how this work.

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Web 3D

This morning on my blog I posted an entry considering the relationship between what Grant Wiggins has labeled "Understanding by Design" "Differentiated Instruction" and Web 2.0. While writing this entry I started thinking about the role of sims in different ways than I had before. I'd love to find a list of sims that are free, easy to download, and high quality for educational purposes. Imagine how easy it would be to engage kinestenthic… Continue

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An English/L.A. Work Product

I just posted a sample work product demonstrating the way that students might use Web 2.0 to interact with text. I"m going to continue to interact with this product and try to enhance it over time. I"d be grateful for any feedback and suggestions. The link is:

Here's a quick question: How much does the fact that I developed the product on my website and not on a wiki deter from the quality of it…


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A Page of Torah (Five Books of Moses) and Web 2.0

One of the things that I love about the Jewish religion is the importance of learning. When Jewish people study they don't just study with the people in the same room. Instead, they use a book that contains ideas, questiosns and answers from other Jewish people who have lived throughout the ages. A typical page of Torah, when it's written in a book, has several short sentences of the actual text, in Hebrew at the top right of the page. RIght next to the original text is a translation in…


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Promoting Class Discussions

Question: What questions will technology advocates have to answer for most teachers before they begin to use the tools of Web 2.0 including social networks sites, more frequently?


1. What's in it for me if I use the tools of Web 2.0?

2. What's in it for my students if we use the tools of Web 2.0?

3. Are the costs of learning how to use the tools of Web 2.0 and becoming comfortable enough with them so that I can introduce them in my classes worth…


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Online Social Communities and School Improvement

Research clearly demonstrates that the most effective schools focus on learning, not teaching. Everybody learns in these schools from the students to the teachers to the maintenance people. Research also demonstrates that too little authentic learning actually occurs in schools. Many Some of us simply close our doors and teach the same way we have been doing for many years. We are intimidated about opening our practice to the scrutiny of others.

Recently there's been…


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