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A Very Merry Christmas to All - From me and my family of elves.

Well of course it's a little late to send a greeting, many of you are probably already nearing present opening time. However I would like to wish you Steve and all Classroom2.0 members a Wonderful Christmas, and a very happy new year.

The link leads to a greeting created in what is definitely my favorite Christmas Greeting app.

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Voicethread - Looking for classes willing to "surprise" my students.


My 5th grades started using voicethread last week to practice their English. They have recorded themselves on the thread that can be seen on this page:

It would be a fantastic surprise for them (and extremely motivating) if they discovered the voices of other kids on the thread. Our next lesson is Sunday, if any of you have the time and the equipment, please consider letting your…


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Just a thought - how about you teach my students and I teach yours.

I just posted the beginnings of an idea (on my very dormant blog), if you have the time I am interested to know what you think.

The beginnings of an idea, "teach my students and I'll teach yours".

  • Teachers create and publish online 1 collaborative distance learning "project" - this could be achieved by opening different groups on ning, imbee, haiku, edu20 etc.
  • Individual students would…

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Scrapbooks and Digital Storytelling Apps

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog

There are…


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Dotsub: A Photo Walk to The Maish Cave - N. Israel - a school project

About 3 years ago Hachoresh Elementary School adopted a unique local landmark, The Maish Cave, which gets its name from a tree which grows through a "chimney" in the cave roof.

The Maish Cave Project is a whole school project. An outline website, in English, describing the project appears on Acts of Kindness - A summary of the project can be seen on…


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Toondoo doo it again!

rajendran Wanna…

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Imbee - social network for elementary school students and teachers

Quite a few members of classroom 20 are wondering about the possible use of ning in the classroom.

Questions that arise are mostly connected to security and privacy.

There is a social network for school children, their parents and teachers,

The blurb from the site claims this:

imbee is designed to provide parents with visibility of their child's activities on imbee. You have easy to use tools to guide…


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Wikispaces for RTL - Arabic and Hebrew

Sorry this is a cross post from my blogger blog, simply because I want to get the word out.

Wikispaces provide free, ad-free, password protected wikis for K12 educational use.

Until now anyone needing to align their wiki from right to left (Hebrew or Arabic) had to add a special tag around the RTL text. Not any more!

With the help…


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Back to Basics

I am a world class procrastinator, and so instead of sitting down to the nitty gritty of planning my curriculum for next year, I find I am spending hours, even days, consuming gallons of coffee, packets of cigarettes, and surfing the internet in search of new tools and applications that may somehow be of aid in the teaching/learning process. The truth is that the list of links I have collected is already too… Continue

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A Request - please make your videos available for translation

I know this is going to sound like a plug and I suppose it is, but apart from having just registered at the site, I have no connection with them.

At members upload videos, which can then have subtitles added to them in other languages.

The subtitles are also created by members of the site. The tool used for doing this is very simple and easy to use.

So if you create videos for education or you would like world students…


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Is your Gmail difficult to access lately?

Over the past few days I have been finding it nigh on impossible to access my Gmail account.
Today I googled "gmail problem" and lo and behold it seems that quite a few people have been having the same difficulty.

The first link I clicked on suggested I clean out my cache and temp files....
It worked - I got my gmail back again

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Toondoo and Spresent in other Languages - Yes!!

Great news for teachers of students for whom English is not their mother tongue, particularly in elementary school.

ToonDoo now supports unicode - meaning that students can create comics in any language they choose. UI is still in English but the editor is very user friendly and easy to learn.

This is my first attempt - a bit predicatable maybe, but my aim was really to test the language option, that's my…


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Create a walk round gallery at

Copying a recommendation I made on Lee Anne's forum topic "digital picture projects"
Just found a 3d browser which creates walk round galleries, of webpages, websites and photo albums. Galleries can be created automatically from flickr, google and other sites by adding the URL and/or tag. Alternatively "exhibits" can be added manually one by one. Could be an interesting way to introduce a topic or to publish student work that had been…

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Too small for web20

A few years back after being slim all my life, I gained weight rapidly, and in the space of a year went from being average to outsize. Buying clothes became torture, In fact after trying on outfit after outfit I generally went home with the first thing I tried on in my bag, or worse still, hot, flustered and depressed, without making a purchase at all.

While I love the possibilities opened up by Web20, I feel like that outsize me on one of those doomed to fail shopping…


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New School - No Playground - Less Bullying?

Just found this on my subscriptions page.

From: The Guardian Unlimited,,2073781,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=8

"The most expensive state school in Britain will have no playground. The Cambridgeshire authorities ..... believe a lack of outside space will avoid the danger of 'uncontrollable' groups of children…


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Purpose Games - create and play games online

Members of Purpose games, are invited to create,play and comment on the Games on site. I have found that the comments are usually very positive, and useful, pointing out a mistake I made or a way the game could be improved. Game making on the site is very simple and could be a a great end of year activity. To make a game one creates a gameboard using any graphic program, this is then uploaded to the site and hot spots and clues are added at the click of…


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Scrapbooking Online

Scrapblog enables users to upload photos, choose a theme, arrange the photos to their liking on the page and add stickers, background music and text. Viewers are invited to leave comments. Could be a great way to present a student…


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Voice Thread

Voice Thread is a delightful idea, a cross between, voice messaging, simple whiteboard, message board and photoalbum.

Teachers are invited to sign up free and create identities for their students, who can then communicate in text, voice and even…


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