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Work of Interns in Chicago focuses attention on poverty neighborhoods

This graphic is from a YouTube video created this month by one of two college students from South Korea who were working with me in Chicago. 

And this graphic is from a Prezi done by a second intern. You can view all six of their presentations here.…


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This is a graphic created by an intern who worked with me a few years ago. You can see links to this and other projects interns have done if you visit here and here. This page is from a German media …

This is a graphic created by an intern who worked with me a few years ago. You can see links to this and other projects interns have done if you visit here and here.

This …


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Learning and teaching opportunity for interns.

This graphic is from an animation project done in Jan 2011 by a college intern from Korea who was working with the Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago.  This illustrates the learning that occurs each week as a volunteer does service in a tutor/mentor program. It shows how volunteers share what they learn with people in their personal and work networks, which…


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Face to Face networking at Tutor/Mentor Conference in Chicago on Nov. 19 and 20

I meet many different people via my Internet work, and share many of their ideas on my blog and the links at http://www.tutormentorconnection.org

Every six months I host a conference in Chicago intended to draw together people who focus on volunteer based tutoring and mentoring, online learning, workforce development and other strategies aimed to help kids… Continue

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With so much knowledge, how do you sort through it and share it with your students, peers, parents and community?

I've browsed the 200 pages of introductions over the past year and it's amazing all of the great ideas that are here. I share some of these on my own Tutor/Mentor Connection web site so that volunteers and students in non-school tutor/mentor programs might use these just as often, or perhaps more often, than do kids in inner city schools.

The… Continue

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Building a network of non-school tutor/mentor programs

This is a map of the Chicago region showing concentrations of poverty and locations of poorly performing schools (according to state information). Our aim is that people use these maps to focus attention, and resources, on neighborhoods where non-school volunteer- based tutoring, mentoring, arts and/or technology programs might help keep kids safe, model different careers and aspirations than might be modeled in a high poverty area, and help… Continue

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Mobilizing the talent of student and workplace volunteers

I encourage you to visit the Tutor/Mentor Blog and view a flash presentation created by two student interns from Korea who are working in my Chicago non profit this month. The presentation shows some of the participants in the Tutor/Mentor Leadership Conference, held on May 29 and 30. It also has a… Continue

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Learning and mentoring in the non-school hours and via the Internet

It has been great to see the number of participants and groups grow on Classroom 2.0. I've met some talented people and gained some useful ideas.

However, I did a search on the ning.com home page over the weekend, for youth mentoring, and found dozens of pages with this title. Thus, my question to this group is "how are we connecting what we're doing here, with what others are talking about in other ning.com forums? How are we putting the ideas to work to create more learning… Continue

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Creating networks of purpose

I attended an eChicago conference last Friday where one of the presentations showed how youth in Skokie, Illinois are learning to use technology to become voices and news broadcasters for their community. Is this a school based activity? No. It's a library based activity.

This is an example of how teens in middle school and high school can learn to use art, video, computers, essays, blogs, theater and public speaking to get the attention of adults and other students, and to focus… Continue

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Interns from Korea working in Chicago create webquest and ning.com page

I continue to be inspired by the many ways technology is being discussed in Classroom 2.0, and hope that by my participation I'll inspire educators to use technology as part of service-learning projects, where students learn about problems in their community and the world, and use their web 2.0 technology and their classroom learning, to educate others in their community about specific issues, and about ways youth and adults can become involved in community problem solving.



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Blog Exchange Strategy

As you look for creative writing assignments, and look for ways to help your student learn to be leaders and problem solvers, I encourage you to read http://tutormentor.blogspot.com and review the blog exchange strategy at http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/Partner/CC/Conference/May2005/current.asp

Today Suzanne Morse of the Pew Partnership for Civic…


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Tutor/Mentor Conference next week -

For those in the Chicago region, who are looking for ways to connect their students in meaningful ways with service and learning, and integrate the internet in the process, the Tutor/Mentor Conference is an entry point into this thinking.

It's a grassroots event, focused on helping existing tutor/mentor programs connect with peers, learn new ideas, and build resources for their work, while helping community groups build new programs in neighborhoods where there is a need, but no…


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Reframing School Dropout as a Public Health Issue

I wrote an article for my http://tutormentor.blogspot.com blog referring to an article written by a couple of health researchers. I'm not sure how good my comments are, but I encourage you to read the article by Nicholas Freudenberg, Dr.PH and Jessica Ruglis. You can find the link on my blog.

The writers provide statistics that show how the drop out problem is most severe in the nation's biggest cities. Since members of Classroom 2.0 come…


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Who's in your network?

For the past 30 years I've been connecting workplace volunteers with inner city kids in Chicago, and building a network of peers, supporters and others who could all be working together to build a better infrastructure to support the growth of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs, so that more of them would be "best practices" in expanding the network of adults helping kids to careers, using the Internet and it's elearning and networking tools, as part of the process.

My database now…


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Social network links

I'm active in a variety of networks and have trouble keeping track of them. Thus, I created a list at http://www.tutormentorconnection.org/TMLearningNetwork/LinksLibrary/tabid/560/rrcid/92/rrscid/120/rrpid/1/rrepp/20/Default.aspx

With the growth of networks, it is getting harder and harder to build a community of purpose because of the time it…


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Connecting networks

I've seen many people write about how much they are learning from each other in this forum. I'd like to introduce you to the Web heads network, which is an international group of educators who share ideas and help each other develop uses of technology in education.

You can find them at http://www.webheads.info/

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Getting Civic Investment's right

I encourage you to read the articles written by Suzanne Morse of the Pew Partnership for Civic Change. She's created an ACT NOW wiki that offers good advise for anyone who wants to see community problems solved. I contribute to this wiki because this provides good ideas for how businesses, churches, schools, etc. could be… Continue

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Blogathon for Charity, live 7/28/07

Have any of you visited the web site of Blogathon 2007 at http://www.blogathon.org/ ? More than 500 bloggers have signed up for a 24 hour marithon to raise money for their favorite charities. I just learned about this so I'm not included, but I'm going to follow this and see how the idea might apply to the work we all do of helping kids connect with technology, elearning, mentoring and expanded adult support.

If you're participating in…


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Videos created by Inner City teens

At http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=cabrini+connections you can view some of the videos created by Cabrini Connections teens and volunteers over the past 10 years. In these you can hear our teens talking about how they value Cabrini Connections.

This is a non-school, volunteer-based tutor/mentor program, where most activities start after 6pm when business volunteers are available to be tutors, mentors,…


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Leadership, Connecting networks

This is a visual that you can find in the Tutor/Mentor Institute section of http://www.tutormentorconnection.org.

It illustrates how individuals can take actions that connect their network with information which is uses throughout an entire city to solve a problem, change behaviors, elect a favored candidate, etc.…


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