Wow, we’re only 10 days away, and counting today 8 full school days until Exhibition. To say that the students are feeling the pressure would not represent the reality of things. They are, for the most part, finished with their research paper and are now busy working on their display, use of technology, action plan and presentation skills. Most of the class time for the next 8 days will be fully devoted on their Exhibition, with groups dividing the task among their members and breaking up the various components.
For the most part, the groups are working together and striving to achieve the same goal... We are however starting to see tensions between group members. Only yesterday one of the students asked to talk in private..She feels that some of the members of her group are not working hard enough and are bossing the others around. It looks like it’s time to go back over the Learner Profile and the attitudes and also discuss social skills again and how to peacefully resolve conflicts. It seems that those internal conflicts always happen when the students feel the deadline and realise how much left they have to do.
As much as we’ve given them a timeline and interim deadlines, it seems that being finally faced with the fact that the Exhibition is next Wednesday is a wake-up call. They will pull it off...

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