10 ways to better focus on what you write

Staying focused while writing academic papers isn’t something that comes easy for students. Academic curriculums become increasingly challenging as the students advance in their education, and professors not only require them to do well on the exams, but to write excellent papers as well.

When you have an academic paper to write, everything seems more interesting than focusing on the topic, contents and referencing rules of your assignment. Working on a computer with Internet connection can be a huge distraction, but it can also work in your benefit if you discover the right tools to use. In this article, we will present 10 tools that will improve your focus and enable you to write faster and better.

  1. Writinghouse.org

Developing a well-written paper is difficult on its own, but the challenge gets even greater when a specific referencing style needs to be implemented. If you are used to a certain style of referencing, but the professor requires you to use another standardized style, the rules become unclear and you can easily make mistakes that will result with a lower grade. Citation generator Writinghouse is a savior in such situation – it is an online tool that automatically implements the referencing style you choose (Chicago, MLA, or APA). Being able to forget about the referencing rules will help you maintain your focus on the content of your paper. 

  1. Time Out

Time Out is a freeware that will remind you to take breaks between longer periods of writing. The default mode will set a 10-minute break after each hour you spend in writing. Using this tool is much more effective than promising yourself to make a schedule and stick to it, because Time Out will prevent you from working on the document during break time.

  1. Q10

Q10 has a simplistic user interface that displays only a small toolbar that keeps you updated on the number of pages, characters, and words you have wrote. If that’s a distraction for you, the feature can be easily turned off and you can start typing your paper in an entirely clean setting.

  1. Help.Plagtracker

This tool is created for checking texts on plagiarism. For doing this user should copy the source text, paste to the box in Help.Plagtracker and wait while it will be revising it. The results of check will include the percentage of plagiarism, sources of this text and some other data. Just check your text from time to time while writing it in order not to have some problems.

  1. Isolator

Isolator is an app that will keep only the active windows visible and hide everything else from the screen. Being able to hide your Mac’s dock will enable you to resist the temptation of opening apps that will distract you from the paper you’re working on.

  1. WriteRoom

WriteRoom is one of the most effective tools intended to make the process of writing academic papers easier and faster. The backup options integrated in this tool will keep you calm and you will finally stop worrying that everything you’ve written could be lost.

  1. Write Monkey

Among the many tools that have the goal to bring students closer to the process of academic writing, Write Monkey seems like a necessary one. The tool enables the user to ditch the use of the mouse and keep their hands on the keyboard all the time.

  1. OmmWriter

OmmWriter is a very effective writing tool available for Mac users. It creates a completely clean environment that will help you keep your thoughts on the paper and stay away from any distractions. Although the design is very simplistic, OmmWriter hides really awesome features under the hood.

  1. Google Art Project

Writing a paper inspired by art is one of the greatest challenges for a student. There aren’t many sources you can use, and your professors require you to use your insight and artistic sense in order to express your understandings of the topic. Google Art Project makes things easier by providing all information you could possibly need. You can take virtual tours into some of the greatest museums in the world, find the piece of art you are interested in and really feel like you’re experiencing it in person.

  1. Paper

This drawing and painting app creates a realistic environment and many features that allow you to explore your creativity. Additional tools and brushes require payment, but they are definitely worth the investment. Everything is well-organized and you will find yourself finishing your art projects much faster and more efficiently.


Although academic writing is difficult to fall in love with, using the above-mentioned tools can make a real difference in your attitude towards that task. When you stay clearly focused on the given topic, the words will start writing themselves and you will find yourself transformed into a faster and better writer. Choose the tools you need and start working without any unnecessary distractions.   

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